Weekend Clicks

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This week has been very inspiring to say the least. I have learned a lot about Hitch where things are headed. The funny thing is they are all things I have been thinking and suppressing in my mind for quiet some time actually almost 6 months. I love weeks like that where you just get the drive to take over the things that have been wandering in the back of your head and you have said no for so many reasons for so long until one day a light bulb comes on and fear walks out the door. 

Needless to say this means much more posting on Hitch and some changes beginning to happen so bear with me as I progress into a new stage, which is constant with a young company I am learning. 

Anyways, here are the Weekend Clicks…hope this helps keep you busy for a little while!

1. Jcrew blows my mind every week. This time Jenna picked 9 women and 1 pant. Check it!

2. Emily Henderson’s new show on HGTV premieres this weekend. I don’t geek much but this gets me geeked

3. Hitched Event (no this has nothing to do with Hitch Design) but if only it did I am in love check out some pictures from Mae Mae Paperie

4. loving the work of Ditte Isager that is up on Graphic Exchange this week. 

5. I am obsessed with the following items: this bag, these shoes, this shirt, and this necklace

6. download some cool wallpapers for your desktop at Fossil

7. And finally loved this DIY from Apartment Therapy on using scrap wood for a wall


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