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image via: me with a canon 5D & 50 mm

This morning I woke up to find the little caterpillar I had found in the garden (which had gone to chrysalis about two weeks ago) was a pretty butterfly sitting on the top of the ball jar. My phone was dead and I had no way of capturing it. But I took him outside and let him bat his wings to dry and find his way in the world. When I came out at lunch he was gone from the deck table and I figured he was far away. 

During lunch I always take about 30 minutes to weed the garden and make sure everything in the garden is healthy and looking good. I probably check 2-3 times a day mostly because I love seeing the little changes. But while I was weeding between the radishes and the cucumbers that little butterfly sat right on the radish leaves in front of me. I am not totally sure it was the same but in my head I thought I hope it is. ha. 

Really I have no real reason for telling you all that other than it being so super cool. I love nature and the feeling of the dirt between my toes while I weed. It is one of those moments where I feel free and wild. Those are also the most relaxing moments. So I hope this weekend you find something that does that for you. Whatever it may be but make it a point to be free and enjoy life a little. Summer only lasts so long and it may be killer hot but you know we will all be complaining in the winter about how cold we are so let’s buck up and be glad to sweat a little. 

Finally here are the weekend links! I always get excited to share what I have been thinking about all week. 

1. I was so inspired by friend and photographer, Jill Devries post on beauty. Which if you don’t follow her work you are crazy! She’s a total genius with the camera!

2. On Monday night I had Fried Pickles when we met my dad for dinner. I don’t eat much fried food very often but I think I may be addicted. So I think I am going to make these Fried Zucchini Chips when mine finish growing!

3. This stationery suite that Christine Wisnieski did still has me coming back to it. I am a little obsessed with water color looks lately anyways so this hasn’t helped. Thanks Design Work Life for sharing!!

4. I have been obsessed with this space all week that was on Simply Grove the end of last week. Not too current but still thinking about it!

5. A few weddings I dug this week: This eclectic Asheville one, this Cape Town one, and this Australia one

Finally don’t forget I am over at Simply Blue Weddings today as well for my With Love post. If you didn’t get enough here today!

Happy weekend friends!


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