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I have never been so excited for a weekend. This week has been a lot of late nights and early mornings. We tried so hard to work out every morning this week but it has been almost impossible to keep up with with how work has been. We really are probably doing too much at once but it’s hard to stop since we are really passionate about it so I will be quiet. I know I am just ready for a little sleep and relaxing, which I plan to accomplish this evening at least. 
It is our first anniversary on Saturday! I am pretty excited and though we have to shoot a wedding I am still excited to just be in celebration of who we are as a couple. It’s pretty darn awesome and there is a post tomorrow with some fun anniversary types of things to check out if you want. 
Hope you all have wonderful weekend full of R&R; and good friends and loved ones. 
Here are the links for the weekend friends:
1. Kinfolk Magazine was released today. If you haven’t checked it out you are totally missing out. It’s beautifully designed and I am in love with their manifesto. Very excited to read it fully tomorrow over breakfast. 
2. Last night Ms. Pink shared this awesome speech that Steve Jobs did at Stanford at their commencement. It really spoke to me and inspired me this morning and I had to share.
3. Discovered Green Luv blog the other day. Great ideas and collaborations
4. I want to make everything on Always with Butter. End of story. 
5. I dig this Designer Mix. Only listen if you like awesomeness in your ears. 
Don’t forget I post over at Simply Blue Weddings every Friday with a little inspiration in a series called With Love. Check it out!
Happy Weekend! Check back tomorrow for a little peak into the sappy side of me. 


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