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Say hi to my little succulent friends! I love the colors they create and have been waiting to find the right terrarium to place them in…so such luck yet. 
I took a break this afternoon and took a nap, which is really rare for me. The reason being that for some reason the season change in Northern Michigan always gets hold of me. I love to see the Spring and the warmer weather but it can be hard on the sinuses and energy for some reason. Whenever I feel my exhaustion is hindering my work I know I will be better if I break and sleep for a while instead of trying to pull through it. It was totally true this time. Thank goodness!!
This weekend I plan to rest and garden some more. We probably will begin packing as we are moving out of our little house. I am honestly not sure yet. There is still work to be done from this week but it is so important to take breaks and relax which we really need right now. 
Anyways, it is Mother’s day weekend and I wanted to post some cool ideas for mom but completely got side tracked so maybe tomorrow it will happen. 
I also wanted to share the weekend links as always! I know how exciting this is for all of you 🙂 actually I honestly have no idea if you guys enjoy this or not…Let me know if this is a total waste of time please!
1. On being a beginner from Ira Glass…this may be one of the most honest accounts I have read in a while of the struggle of reaching your dreams. Via the Mint Design Blog
2. A post that was done on me over at the Pink and Blue Blog this week I hope you didn’t miss it!!
3. Issue 4 of the Matchbook Mag came out this week and once again I am in love. Also love this little video they posted on their tumblr
4. I am always up for a little DIY and I couldn’t help but be crazy about this one for crepe paper, this colorful lantern, This checkered background, and this pallet sofa!
5. Lastly I felt like an idiot because I finally was made aware of the wonderfulness of Room & Board. Now I am obsessed!
Okay I am off to find something more exciting than sitting behind my iMac to do but plan on a couple posts this weekend!
Happy Freaking FRIDAY!



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