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I don’t normally post a randomn photo like this on the weekend posts but I had to when I saw this come through my feed on Google. The reason being 1. It was cute and Easter like but 2. if you know what my husband and I both look like you would understand when I say this little boy is probably exactly what our children will look like. Big mop hair and big eyes that can give a good pathetic look pretty easily…aka usually how I get a cute top at Anthro when I really want it. 
So this image totally warms my heart in lots of ways. On another note I wanted to give you the typical links for your weekend and what I have been obsessed with this whole week. So let’s go!
1. Anthropologie changed their site and I am completely in love with it even more than I was before. Not only that I have been really inspired by a lot of their pieces recently.  
2. This post on the Rockstar Diaries makes me want two things 1. a baby and 2. Taza’s sweet style.
3. If you want to make the best chocolate cake you will EVER have in your life make this one and remember patience is a virtue.
4. I always love Tec’s work but this shoot just shook me to the bone. His work is gorgeous compositionally. Not to mention the work of the whole Once Wed crew and Joy Thigpen
5. This house that Ms. Pink posted on The Pink and Blue Blog this week was killer cool and possibly my dream home check it
As always check out my post over at Simply Blue Weddings today and have a great Easter. Eat too much chocolate and hug a bunny my friends. 
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