Weekend Project: Chalkboard Redo

I am constantly doing little DIY’s all week and weekend and always coming up with stuff and realized I should be documenting and sharing with you all so I am going to begin doing that for you guys.

This project was pretty simple but one you have to know just a couple things. We saw this really cool chalkboard at Ikea when we were there a week or so back and I honestly hated the wood color and almost didn’t buy it but we thought how cool would it be painted white. So we picked it up for a whopping $14.99 I mean come on you can’t say no to that. Check it out here
So here is what you will need:
1 Chalk board from Ikea or any other place you may find one 
1 medium sized paint brush
1 large bottle of white paint you can get at the craft store
1 bowl or palette for paint
Masking Tape
1 Razor Blade
Once you get all the pieces out you will want to apply coats of paint to the shelf pieces till the grain of the wood cannot be seen anymore…if it wasn’t winter and there wasn’t 2 feet of snow on the ground I would have spray painted them. 
Then you will want to cover the chalk board in the newspaper and use masking tape attach. This will protect the board from getting tons of paint on it while you are sneaking paint in the corners and so on. So try to be very exact
On this chalkboard I had a hard time with the back wood board. the paint that was there was reacting and coming through so I had to wait for it to fully dry about three times before I got it totally white the way I wanted it. 

Once everything is painted and dried you can peel off the newspaper and masking tape to reveal the actual chalk board and if you are anything like me you will have a little bit of white that got on the board. It happens and that is where the razor blade comes in to just lightly scrape the paint off. It should come off fairly easily. See what a big mess I made!!

If all the pieces are drive go ahead and assemble the board with the Ikea directions and I painted some more to touch up certain areas and so on. It made it look better I thought and like I hadn’t painted the pieces individually. 

I waited overnight for the whole thing to dry before we hung ours on the wall. But now it is a perfect addition to our front door above our shoe rack. It catches our mail pile which keeps things looking less cluttered. Voila!

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