What I Saw This Weekend

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I take a lot of photos if you did not know. You may know this if you follow me on Instagram and I thought it only appropriate to be sharing these images more regularly with you so you can hear about my weekend. Sometimes we do nothing exciting like eat pizza and beer on the couch and watch some silly movie that involves words like hangover or jack black, but this weekend we had spent enjoying possibly the last bit of warm weather that may come our way for a while. When I say warm I mean 45 degrees in the sun, quite balmy huh? 

We had our friends Bryan and Mae up from Grand Rapids Friday night to spend some good time and began some creative brainstorming on their rebrand. Saturday morning Mae made the most AMAZING pancakes for breakfast. They were completely vegan and rocked. We then discussed how someday she needs to open a vegan pancake house after they retire as photographers. They really were amazing and I am picky about my pancakes. If she ever offers up to make them for you don’t think twice. 

While eating pancakes there was probably three hours of us discussing the next few months of their business and what they needed from Hitch to get them where they are moving to. These are the types of projects we love and cannot wait to take on. Very creative people that understand the importance of great design and the asset of hiring someone to partner with them in making their dreams come true. Yeah I kind of geek about it and that’s how I know I am doing some right with what I am doing in life. 


 On Sunday Morning we woke up to this beautiful and sunny day just yelling at us to enjoy it. So we jumped in the car and picked up our good friend Hillary and walked all through the trails behind the Old State Hospital in Traverse City. There is so much to explore and we were most likely out there for almost 2 hours just hiking and talking about life. It was wonderful and relaxing. I love hikes on Sundays. Excited for the winter ones with snow shoes. By the way this is my favorite photo of Nellie we have taken to date. That little iPhone camera blows me away. 

Finally Sunday evening we had been looking forward to going all the way over to Short’s Pub in Bellaire for the Breathe Owl Breathe concert. Short’s has some of our favorite local beers. I am a huge fan of the Soft Parade but their stouts are amazing as well. If you are ever in the area this is a total must. Not to mention seeing Breathe Owl Breathe, which is a local to Michigan band. They just released an amazing kids book you must get whether you have children or not. The lead singer Micah is a talented artist that is well versed in print making. Ever illustration was done with wood carvings and is beautiful. But their music is fresh, playful, and happy with this small hint of nostalgia thrown in. Check them out because they go on tour on the west coast soon so if they come near you make a point of heading to their show. You will love it I am sure.   

Hope your weekend was lovely, refreshing, and productive in all the ways you hoped. We are getting close to Christmas and I am beginning to realize there is still much to finish like dinner menu. What do you still have to figure out? 

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