Whimsical Rainbow Wedding

I know I never share things like weddings on the blog but when I came across this one on Green Wedding Shoes I just couldn’t say no. I am a color lover as you all know and just last week I was talking on Simply Blue Weddings on my weekly column how you can add a spice of color to your day. So I figured this was appropriate. 

I have seen multiple rainbow weddings but nothing this amazing. Most of the time I am not into using every color of the rainbow and rather think choosing a simple palette is much better but I have been completely proved wrong. This couple really embraced the idea of a rainbow since it is God’s symbol of a promise. They did everything by hand and brought the rainbow in in a beautiful and natural way. Not to mention I think the best choice they made was choosing Three Nails Photography to shoot it. The natural lighting and how Three Nails shoots it makes it feel fairy like or even as if it is all a dream. And how they are able to make rainbows from the sun flare!! COME ON! It’s total perfection and this couple is completely adorable. I love it all! 

Happy Thursday yo you guys!! Do something colorful today in honor of this beautiful wedding. 

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