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38 Week Pregnant Style | The Fresh Exchange

The other day I looked on the app I use to track progress and so on and it told me I had 16 days till my due date. 16 days!!! What?! They say even at this point you most likely are still not fully understanding that your about to birth a baby and become a parent, even this close to the end it is still not a reality. It makes sense, but I felt in some way I would have some more realistic perspective that life was about to really REALLY change. Though from the stabs of elbows and knees in my belly all day and head butts between my hip bones I know that there is for sure a human in there without a doubt.

Recently I felt the joys of what they call lightening it happened about 4 or 5 days after my shower a couple weekends back and though the waddle has become reality, I felt the relief of being able to breathe deeply, lower kicks (not in the ribs), and the feeling of my body becoming my own again. For the first time in months I could see where I used to have ribs and it felt so amazing. My belly is lower these days without a doubt and the aches are real, but there is a lot of relief at this point. They tell you that, but goodness no one can prepare you for the relief it brings you other than for your pelvis.

38 Week Pregnant Style | The Fresh Exchange

The one thing I didn’t expect with him dropping down was the fact that all the pants I was wearing under my belly really don’t work anymore. I have 1 pair of pants that is going to tide me over, but if I could I would just choose a dress to live in these days, but I thought I would share my one outfit I wear nearly daily especially on these chilly days we have had lately. I mentioned it last week, but the legging, tshirt, long sweater, and tennis shoe look is basically my go-to. I call it my I won’t give up outfit. The full give up is the sweatpants I put on the rest of the evening and morning, which are starting to get tight themselves these days.

The Nike’s were Mike’s present to me for Christmas because I wanted something I could wear but still feel cool in and get in and out of easily. They are great because though I need Mike to tie and untie them, my feet fit great and the ribbed insole is so comfy. I am over the moon that fashion girls made it cool to wear Nike’s like this because fitting into much less here at the end is basically like trying to fit a square into a round hole.

38 Week Pregnant Style | The Fresh Exchange

Other than trying to stay comfy as he fills every square inch of the womb, stay walking and moving, and eat well, I have been finishing up the final touches of the nursery and have been working on filling out his baby book and have even written down all sorts of hopes and dreams for him as well. Call it the hormones, but I am so excited about this new chapter and sharing the world with this little guy. You hear so many “you just waits” and “your life is about to change and end but you will love it” and everything else you can imagine, which is great and most likely true, but I believe that even the newness of this adventure I really believe this is about to be one of those things that makes our life much richer and fuller more than anything. Us two is fun, but this guy is about to make life far more worth it and I cannot wait to see what he teaches us.

38 Week Pregnant Style | The Fresh Exchange

On to the final few weeks as the countdown begins. Less than a month (at the most) and we will have ourselves the littlest Gilger in our home hopefully sleeping like an angel….I can dream right?!

Speaking of which, any newborn tips to give me from you experienced moms?

Sweater from H&M  |  Tshirt from Madewell  |  Leggings from Zara (similar)  |  Shoes from Nike at Finish Line

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18 Responses

  1. As to advice, i’m pretty new to this whole momma thing, but one thing that really helped us was to try to follow a sleep-eat-play schedule during the day, and try to keep them awake from 6-8 in the evening. that’s not always realistic with a newborn, but if you try as much as you can then they won’t get their days and nights mixed up and they’ll sleep better for you at night!

    other than that, just enjoy your little guy. 🙂 One day, Sullivan and i spent the entire day in our pj’s in bed. we snuggled, napped, watched tv, snacked, read, and did absolutely nothing productive. it was such a wonderful day and we bonded so much. I’d highly recommend it.

  2. I always hated hearing things like “enjoy your sleep now” or “kiss your social life goodbye” or anything else along those lines. yes, having a baby changes your life, but in the best possible way. and yes, i get up to feed him a couple times a night, but the lack of sleep never crosses my mind…the only thing i’m thinking about is that i get to snuggle my little guy. Going out and doing things with other people may take a tad longer, but we still do it.

    don’t let the negative nancys get to you. motherhood is simply the best. <3

  3. if you haven’t considered baby wearing, it is a must. my daughter was not one to hang out in a wrap or sling but my son loved it. preferred it and he spent a lot of time on momma’s chest. this is a god send when you can’t stand not being able to use both hands at once or your arms are tired. as far as sleep goes? good luck. 🙂 i had one excellent sleeper and one that couldn’t figure it out until 8-9 months old…even now we are still having issues as he is pushing uncountable teeth at 16 months (he just broke tooth #3!! yesterday!) grab the sleep where you can sneak it in. work and maintain relationships where you can sneak it in. it will all work out in the end.


  4. I really don’t have much advice for taking care of a newborn, despite having done it once already. It’s not that hard, you figure it out and every baby and parent is different. That said, ask people around you for feedback and trust your instincts. Babies don’t need much. Seek out help. Like, if nursing is going badly, get a lactation consultant’s help. If you are struggling to get groceries, have a friend pick them up. If people offer to bring over food, let them but decide in advance if they are staying. We had it go both ways, and both are awkward (like where we wanted to socialize but Friends just wanted to get out of our way vs. friends assuming they were staying to eat the food with us that they brought and we weren’t even hungry). Maybe that’s it. Again, trust yourself and get help. Let me know if you want to talk Labor. Not sure if you have a lot of mamas in your circle but I’d be happy to share my experience with giving birth to Leo. 🙂

  5. Congratulations! You are almost there. AnD the fun is definitely about to begin. I heard YOu are doing hypnobirthiNg, good luck with that. Im sure you will Do great. My advice for labor is try to stay calm, present and CONFIDENT and you will meet Your little one very soon. As far as new born sTage, dont forget to taKe care of yourself Too, so eat plenty and rest as much as possiblE.

  6. I have a new baby too, my first. I SPENt a lot of time just staring at him while feeding, or sleeping, or learning to use his hands. I didn’t find I NEEDed TV entertainment. My tip was told to me many times before baby – Get your rest! If you feel cranky or unlike yourself, it’s because you need more rest. After baby is when I realized I’m a busy body and could really use a lesson in relaxation.

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