5 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

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5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow  |  The Fresh Exchange

I hope the sun is streaming through your windows this morning even though it is a Monday morning and getting back to the grind feels a little rough. To kick off the week I wanted to begin by sharing some recent/favorite instagrammers that I am pretty sure most of you have not heard of, but really should know. I love Instagram and wake up every morning scrolling through the images of beautiful things that everyone is doing. It is what inspires me to leap out of bed and start the day and these people are some of the ones that inspire me, and I think it is about time you know who they are as well.

5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow  |  The Fresh Exchange

1. Jonathan Grant aka The Culture Keeper: For so long I have tried to get my good friend Jonathan on Instagram, and now he finally joined all the fun. Though I knew he would take great photos, he has gone above and beyond. Following his daily wanderings during his travels to Morocco, Paris, and so on is such a delight and I really suggest yall check out his feed. He has such a sharp eye and will be living in Paris for the next few months.

5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow  |  The Fresh Exchange

2. Brooks Sterling: An adventurers dream. Full of 35 mm film images and living life to the fullest. Cannot say no to that kind of fun in your feed everyday.

5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow  |  The Fresh Exchange

3. Mimi Thorison: I am a sucker for anything French, do you blame me? Thus, when I came across the beauty that is Mimi Thorison I had to hit the follow button. Her feed is full of the French Countryside, beautiful moments at markets, her family, adventures all over Europe, and of course gorgeous dinner parties. Can you ask for much else?

5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow  |  The Fresh Exchange

4. Old Ache: A brother and sister from Michigan (actually they have a great shop open in the Summers in Leland) are spreading good vibes through their own wild style and even crazier adventures. If you love color, funk, and uncontrollable wanderlust then this is your feed. Their posts are some of my favorites.

5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow  |  The Fresh Exchange

5. Arrowhead Collective: I have shared about my friends Matthew and Justin before, but I really think you need to check their Instagram out. What do I love about it? The lifestyle; the denim, the motorcycles, the rawness of life, and the truly honest passion in what they do. These guys are the real deal. We are planning to share their story in a Wild Measures post because it is an awesome one, but till then…follow their Instagram (ps they are planning a giveaway soon!)

Happy Monday friends! I hope you enjoy exploring these new accounts and are inspired by the beauty they share each day.

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