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Pinners to Follow | The Fresh Exchange

To kick you into the weekend, we are pulling together 5 pinners we love to follow. Each one of these accounts is one we draw inspiration from and have really enjoyed having show up in our feed when we spend a few hours pinning.

We would also love to hear who are some of your favorites! We are always looking for new people to follow so let’s hear ’em in the comments below.

  1. Julia Kostreva:
    Julia is a very talented designer and creative. You most likely have seen her products floating around on the internet world at some point, but her Pinterest is something you probably shouldn’t miss. Seeing some of what inspires her is very cool to follow.
  2. House & Hold Home:
    I am a sucker for interiors and House & Hold combines the most gorgeous choice of interiors with some really great lifestyle content as well. Big love for this account.
  3. Chelsea Fullerton Jones of Go Forth Creative :
    Chelsea has always been someone I love to follow. One because she is a badass lady, but also because she has a truly unique eye for design that is all her own and I love it. Chelsea has a way of taking classic and finding the perfect edge to make it something really unique. You can see much what she loves in her pinning, which goes on to inspire some great work.
  4. Sarah Akiyama:
    Sarah has a great eye for design and color, which is really important to me when I am following someone. She also finds things I haven’t seen somewhere else, which means she always offers something fresh to discover.
  5. Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34:
    Erin is one stylish lady while running a blog, having a baby, and being one really nice and lovely human. Her pins are always some of my favorites and she is pretty active user, which means there is something new coming through your feed when you follow her.

Excited to hear who you love to follow on Pinterest! Happy weekend!!

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