5 Reminders As You Begin a New Year

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5 Positive Reminders for a New Year | The Fresh Exchange

Happy New Year! You most likely are feeling like you are rubbing your eyes and feeling pretty ugh about getting going after a long holiday. I know I am feeling this sense of excitement but also a little uneasy after taking some time off. So, I wanted us all to get off on the right foot this Monday because it feels like an important one, doesn’t it? I wanted to pass along some reminders that should help get you in a great mood today or anytime throughout this year you are feeling it is a little tough or you need to just a reminder to smile because well it just feels good. This isn’t rocket science advice, but I do think they are all reminders we need sometimes.

  1. Cut yourself some slack:
    Yeah, you heard me right. Start the year not being so hard on yourself. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Sometimes we needed to be reminded of that when we have deadlines, pressures of social media, and more. It is okay to take personal days, say no to social plans, and spend an afternoon in bed with Netflix. Moving forward sometimes can only happen successfully when we care for ourselves and listen to our bodies.  So what if you only hit the gym 1 time this week and also had 2 cookies, it’s going to be okay I promise. Cut yourself some slack as you try to enter into a new year and begin new habits. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  2. Choose kindness and a smile whenever you can:
    There are going to be trying times and that lady in the line at the post office who seems to want to make everyone’s life completely miserable. Or you are going to have a day that EVERYTHING seems to be going against you. The simplest way to turn any moment like that around is to look for an opportunity to smile, thank someone, and choose to be extra patient and kind. I promise that on those tough days this is going to make that day feel a little less like you need an extra drink at happy hour.
  3. It is okay to be scared:
    Those resolutions, intentions, and whatever else you set for the year are hopefully things that are meant to challenge you. This means that your goal of starting a new workout routine or opening up your own business may seem both exciting and impossible all in the same breath. Well, if you chose your goals for the year appropriately you should be pretty darn scared and I will tell you that that is a great thing and to own your fear, look it right in the face, and tell it you got this. Not recognizing changes and big goals are scary is the worst thing you can do. So, let yourself be a little scared but also be brave enough to conquer that fear.
  4. Adventure often:
    You have your whole life to make sure those really adult daily tasks happen no matter your age. My favorite quote I read was from Kerouac, “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that god damn mountain.” It is absolutely true. Whatever your mountain is it is most important for you to climb it and take the adventure. You will always find time to mow the lawn, take the trash out, but making time to get out and take that adventure is always going to be the game changer.
  5. Nothing is permanent:
    This is a new year. A new chance. A new opportunity. As you chug along through the year toward goals and overcome challenges, at some point you will feel stuck or like things aren’t going as you hoped. On those days don’t forget that nothing is permanent. Sure some things will take more heart and work than others, but every day is a new chance to redefine and start again.

I hope you have a wonderful first Monday of the year. This is going to be a great one!

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