6 Instagrammers Doing Summer Right

6 Instagrammers Doing Summer Right | The Fresh Exchange

Summer may not be everyone’s favorite season, but gosh darn it is sure does make the internet look pretty, doesn’t it? Instagram seems to be filled with so many travels to beach destinations, cabins, fruit picking, and times gathered around tables, am I right? So even if you aren’t a summer lover you have to at least be loving the beautiful images that come with the season.

In honor of all the beauty we have gathered 6 Instagram accounts we feel are just completely doing summer all the justice possible.

  1. Oh Dear Drea: Colorful and laid back. I love the mix of real life and instagram snaps in her feed. It is always beautiful. Not to mention some of the walls she finds ot take photos on are impressive.
  2. Dearest Daughters: The farm life is a dream to me and one I hope to achieve sooner rather than later. I look forward to someday seeing summers similar to her’s one day.
  3. Elanaloo: Elana has a gorgeous feed and she travels to all sorts of places. I always love seeing the beautiful things she captures. Think perfect ligthing, lots of water, and lots of sunshine. Girl knows how to live.
  4. Lillies and Leon:  She and her husband recently went to Tulum sans their kids and I am in complete awe of both how beautiful that week was and to think about taking a week away. Impressed on many levels.
  5. Mary Lauren: Mary has always enamoured me with her feed and summer is no different. They are such a cute little family and now that we have Hayes I find them even more fun to follow.
  6. Lauren Wells: Lauren has one of my favorite accounts on Instagram and she nails all of her photos. She is traveling constantly and capturing it perfectly.

Do you have an account you have been loving this summer? We would love to hear!!

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5 Responses

  1. Oh, I don’t follow any of these but they’re all so beautiful! Summer really does make the internet look oh-so-lovely, doesn’t it? Though reality is far less magical and way more humid and sweaty… :/

  2. So summer isn’t one of my favourites, guilty. But these instagrams have almost converted me. I feel like I’d feel a lot better about summer if I was chilling out on a farm rather than in a heavily air conditioned office…

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

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