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So, I have vowed to begin a blog. I have been out of school for a few months and have always wanted to get into blogging, so here we go.

Being a designer I have always been a faithful follower of tons of blogs for inspiration mostly and to keep up on what is going on in the world of design. Now I feel ready to jump in to it myself since I finally have the time.

My goal here is really just to bring some honest girl next door kind of knowledge. I am not just a graphic designer. Through college I was always collecting inspiration from Interior blogs, Wedding blogs, my favorite stores (jcrew, world market, pottery barn, anthropologie…so on) as well as graphic design blogs. The world of design sometimes seems very broad but truthfully it all comes back to the basics whether you are painting, placing furniture in a room, buying clothes, creating a website, or drawing. It all is connected and that is the beauty of the creative world.

So throughout this blog I plan to discuss life, design, food, travel, and anything else that may surface. Also, from time to time I will post my current work and other projects and ideas that are in my head. It should be fun…don’t you think?

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