Bloom This Month of May

The month of May is the month of blooming, becoming, and being everything you are. I love this month as we close out spring and open ourselves up to summer. Read more about the month ahead on The Fresh Exchange.

Today we begin the final month of spring. In my opinion, this is the most glorious month of them all but only made so by the other two before it. March and April can be difficult months, especially in the Midwest, but we need them. They are important. They melt the snow, they bring the longer days, they bring the rain that brings the flowers, and they allow us the proper time to awaken and prepare for the beauty and bloom of May.

Now, that May is upon us it is time to talk about this month’s theme. In May everything is blooming so I felt for our first Intentional Season together we would focus the month of May on the word Bloom. For me, this word is far broader and deeper than just talking about the world outside our windows coming to life, but it also speaks of the things we have been working towards all season. The last few months we have been doing a lot of hard work on ourselves and I talked about this some in today’s Monthly Newsletter (sign up here if you didn’t get it so you don’t miss the one for June), but March and April for me were about personal growth and embracing so much of who I am as I start my 30’s. Everything from questioning my goals in my career to deciding what kind of mother do I want to be. It has felt both difficult and relieving all in the same breath. So as May begins I feel those months for me were similar to the rain we needed to now see the blooms. Nothing in life comes without some rainy days and moments. It is all part of the process.

So, as we begin this new month, I want to try something new. I want to know from YOU what does this month’s theme mean to you. I will be rambling on about it all month, but I want to hear what comes to mind when you think of Bloom? Is there a memory that pops up? Is there a personal connection? A quote? A story? A goal? Anything! I want to hear and this I plan to share some of these amazing perspectives on the theme on my Instagram so leave your handle so I can tag you and credit you. I always love hearing from you about how things I am sharing and writing about connect with you and I know other readers would love to hear as well. So to kick off the month, let’s open up about what it means to Bloom!

I cannot wait to hear from you and find out your thoughts on the theme this month. There are so many exciting, connective, and honest posts coming this month. I cannot wait to share! Okay, now go comment away below!

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  1. For me, especially right now, ‘bloom’ is to fully revive yourself from the months spent in winter and early spring recovering, preparing, and building. To bloom is to release all the energy that’s been building up and allow yourself to fully be the person you will be for the year, whether that’s someone focused on better fitness, on better body/brain positivity, or focused on travel and exploration, there’s no better time to emerge as that person than the last month of spring.
    I also live in the Midwest, so I recognize that it is difficult to get out and be the person you want to be until about this time of year, so I’ve spent time making inward changes that, this month, will manifest as outward ones that will carry throughout the remainder of the year.
    This year, the concept of ‘bloom’ has special significance: I am still recovering from the effects of an abusive relationship (it’s been something like seven years, but what can I say; it’s been rough going), and I have been working in small ways towards letting that negativity go. A tattoo to cover up the old one that symbolized that relationship; a new workout regimen that centers around yoga to boost the mind, and then radiates outwards towards cardio and strength training, so that my inward positivity and outward positivity can start to align. I am happier than ever because of these changes, and in May, I will have the chance to reveal a better me to the world.
    (Sorry, that was really long and rambly.)
    My instagram handle is @theferricfox

  2. Oh gosh, I am so excited for this month’s intentional seasonal living, megan! thank you for asking us to share our thoughts about Bloom.

    For me, i find the month of may to be a time when i hit my re-set buttom. “bloom” means rebirth. spring is a season where i find the most inspiration. i love seeing everything come to life. in michigan, may is the month where spring is evident – smell of freshly cut grass, my perennials showing its way back to the earth, mornings where i can walk to my car without a jacket, seeing my neighborhood lively with everyone coming out of hibernation- it’s such a beautiful time. the world just blooms.

    the month of bloom means getting a second wind. march and april was about shedding and getting rid, and may for me means reconnecting and doing more of things i love to do, but somehow neglected, and it’s also about trying something new. i am re-birthing my love of running, and i am learning gardening for the first time.

    instagram is seatosaltblog

  3. my birthday is in may, so i have always felt a connection to this month. this year i am turning 30, so it feels especially significant! i do feel as if i am “blooming” a bit, growing into myself and becoming more confident and comfortable in myself. it’s the perfect time of year for this feeling, since everything feels hopeful and on-the-verge-of-becoming.

  4. Blooming has so kuch meaning this moNth. This year ACTUALLY! Ive found my way into the world of blogging and am smitten. Im learning to let my creativity flow and bloom- something im not used To! Blooming By pursuing a true paSsion. I also recently got married so we have been cultivating our marriage also! I just love the significance of spring!

  5. I have come back to a quote time and time again since I first saw it around the time of the election last fall. It resonated with me so much that it was what I chose to carry to the womens March in January. ( After the march, I framed it and hung it in my apartment. It reminds me to grow and bloom in my personal life and my community everyday.

  6. Hi!
    Here in Brazil may is the last month of autumn, winter is coming and I can’t be happiest!
    We’re not in spring here, but “bloom” fits well for this moment of my life – I’m just 18 (until June!) and now I’m discovering and starting to work with the thing that I love: photography! I was afraid to share my job, I did not felt that I was good enough to work with it and now a lot of people is looking for me and my job! i’m so happy!
    Oh, P.s.: I love your blog!
    I am @lrrnolasco on Instagram!
    Hugs <3

  7. I LOVE that the theme this month is bloom. There’s a french proverb that really speaks to me-“wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”This is something i am desperately trying to come to terms with. I am currently setting plans in motion to leave my 9-5 job and pursue my side hustle full time. The waiting period is so difficult and i keep finding myself thinking that it will all be magically better when I quit. but the truth is that i need to bloom in this phase as well-as a person, no matter where I am with my career. We all need to be able to thrive wherever we are on our journey! I’m @designsqueeze on Instagram.