A Cheers to Summer’s Ending

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Summer's End --- A Proper Farewell  |  The Fresh Exchange

Is it really a cheers or is it a toast, rather. Whatever it may be, I want to raise my glass on this Friday to the weekend that signifies the beginning of the end of a favorite season. So here I go…

To the days we spent consumed by the sun, fresh air, and what it truly means to live and drink the wild air.

To the weekends where we almost forgot how the week had made us feel.

To the way the wind filled our hair as we drove with the windows down embracing the warm air.

To the smells of sunscreen, bon fires, the lake, fresh fish, cheap beer, and charcoal.

To the feeling of spending all day in your swimsuit and being prepared at any moment to strip it all off to feel that sweet chill of the lake.

To the call of adventure that blew in through the windows each morning as we woke slowly and drank our coffee.

To the stillness after a warm rain and the rainbow that followed.

To the clarity that comes from the months that remind us of what we truly love and show us the path that lies ahead.

To the lingering light that glistens on the water as the sun sets on a day that we wish could last a lifetime.

To the sound of water rushing all around you as you dive in and let go of everything else to feel a moment of weightlessness.

To the peace of the water, the sun, the wind, the sand, the light, the whispering trees, and the crackling of a fire.

To the memories, all the sweet memories. My goodness those memories.

To the moment we found a secret beach and for a moment felt as if we had discovered our own hidden island away from the world.

But, to also the regrets. To the things that were never done and the days we somehow felt were better spent working than in the water and sun. Those are the days that taught us the true lessons. They are the days that for me have set me straight on where life is meant to spent. Those are the days where we came to realize what we really want in life and what we do not. Those are the days that helped us answer the biggest questions and revealed the darkest part of ourselves. Those are the days that brought us back to the center.

So, this weekend go and soak up the warm days that are numbered with all you have. Don’t make too many plans. Go to the secret places you love and salute the summer so you can enter in to this next season properly. Reflect on what this season has meant to you. Look forward to what the next season holds, but most importantly enjoy every bit of what you have right now.

I hope you find this weekend to be the perfect way to begin our slow decent in to fall. May you spend more time in the sun than anywhere else because that is all I have planned. I plan to run our new secret trail again and then jump head first in to the lake after sweating up the dunes. I plan to sail and dive deep in to the lake as many times as I can. Most importantly I plan to live in the moment and expect nothing other than to be warm from the sun and washed by the lake.

Happy Labor Day Weekend my friends. May you treat it as well as you treat it.

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