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Greatness. There is a fun topic. I have been pondering the word the last few days and asking myself things such as:

– What does greatness look like to me? 
– What does it mean to be great at something?
– Why do I see other’s greater than myself at times?

Being a human I fight the constant comparison and approval struggle. I catch myself in a cycle feeling unsatisfied and lacking because of this. It’s normal. It’s an everyday fight, but we choose whether to stay here or not. This idea of choosing has been pretty revolutionary to me as of late. How we choose to allow things to make us feel. How we choose to define our success. How we choose who we surround ourselves with. How we choose to eat. How we choose to find balance.

I sometimes can be so consumed by the circle of thoughts and feelings around me that I forget I can stop them and choose to perceive it all differently. I can instead choose to celebrate someone else’s success. I can choose to let myself rest and not feel guilty. I can choose how at the end of the day I see my life and can define who I am becoming.

This I think is the place where we go from good to great humans. When we realize our power over how we make ourselves feel, act, judge, speak, control, let go, love, and more we can begin to change our perception of self. The same goes for our work. We are ultimately the ones who will choose our own greatness in all aspects of our life. Isn’t that overwhelming but also crazy empowering?

Greatness is different for everyone. I may define greatness as doing your best, working hard, and being a good steward of your talents, but you very well could define it differently and I would expect that you would. That is really the beautiful thing in all of it. This is the place we all can become our greatest selves. It is about choosing your greatness, what does it mean to you, and how you will fulfill that for yourself.

Our greatness will come when we ourselves choose to pursue what we love, allow others to do the same, and celebrate together as the victories happen in becoming our best selves. Taking the position in the room as the one who decides to cheer on those you love and find inspiring, while all the while pursuing what you feel called to. That is the greatest feeling in the world.

So, step away from the whirling human emotions of not being great enough because it’s easier to be there than to choose to be outside of that never ending circle. Choose instead to be the greatest you and to long for that more than for what someone else has. I promise your day will be a little brighter in the least.

Hope your day is off to a good start. I know I am feeling great! No pun intended 😉

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