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We love to offer the chance for more people to learn about living a more intentional life through the seasons. We would love to hear from you about opportunities to share more about gardening and being focused on community-focused living through what we grow! Shoot us an email at [email protected] to be in touch.

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We love working with brands that think like us. Our standards for working with a brand are extremely high so please let us know how your brand is helping build a more sustainable and thoughtful planet. We do not rely on sponsored content specifically so we can be extremely selective with our brands. If you feel your brand is contributing thoroughly to a more thoughtful lifestyle that leaves our planet better we would love to discuss working together.

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Shop Fresh Exchange is focused on providing handmade goods that see us through the seasons. Everything is thoughtfully made to represent this lifestyle clearly through how intentionally everything is sourced. You can view the shop here.

The Fresh Exchange Community is a membership-based space where we create unique content and connection around living through the seasons mindfully while offering community support to make growing your garden more meaningful. You can learn more about our unique online membership community here that is not a part of Social Media.