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Today let’s escape.

Let’s let go of all that still lies on our desks.

Let’s tell the world to hold on while we remember what it means to live in the moment.

Let’s run to the shore and strip away all that has weighed on us.

Let’s let yesterday remain yesterday and not carry it into this moment.

Let’s find time for what we dream about.

Let’s place our eyes to the wind and feel the sun on our face.

Let’s disappear amongst the rolling dunes or better yet into the fresh crisp lake.

Let’s forget all that we haven’t done and remember all we have done.

Let’s remember this moment is more important than what still lies in our inbox.

Today is a day for letting everything go and for just a short time remembering that sometimes we need to enjoy the present especially when the sun is shining and the days are warm. All of these things that we have to do will get done. It is never going to be perfect, and in fact it is better this way. It is better to ask not how we can do the most but instead how can we live the most.

I am not sure what your week has been like, but if it has been as full as our last few have been I am sure you may be feeling it is time for a little time away this weekend. I am craving the water, the sun, and the sand. Summer is slipping by and before we know it all will be gone and these days spent working will be more regretted than the time we could have spent out living and feeling alive.

Have a wonderful weekend! We are heading out to the peninsula for sometime to reenergize after this week.

If you do find yourself wanting to catch up on things this weekend, here are a few links I have been loving this week:
Laren Poole’s story on Apolis was really great to read this week.
– Chelsea Petaja shared on West Elm her attic renovation process as well as the final product. So gorgeous and Chelsea is the prettiest and sweetest gal there is.
This travel story by Park and Cube was amazing. All the images had me dying to get out from behind my screen.
– Mike’s and my new hero is Alastair Humphreys and his micro-adventures are the coolest.
– My new favorite style blog is Damsel in Dior. Love her site design as well!
– With the whole house process I am now dreaming of our studio space. Sea Chant’s studio is top on my list for well done spaces.
– On the house note, Kate of Wit and Delight wrote an awesome piece about marriage, minimalism, and moving. Truly an awesome read for the weekend.

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