The Essentials of a Summer Wardrobe

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Summer Wardrobe Essentials. The Basics you need for a basic summer wardrobe for all days of the season.

Image via: Madewell

This summer I have really minimized my wardrobe and made it clear the things for these days. Summer is so basic and just about the minimal amount of things compared to all the other seasons which involve a lot of layers and various footwear and so on. So I thought I would share a few of my essential items for this season I think all of you would love and in the least inspire you to minimize what you keep in your closet for summer. You can also visit sites like to find more accessories.

So here is the list. Share what items you also have in your closet for the summer that you cannot live without.

Summer Wardrobe Essentials. The Basics you need for a basic summer wardrobe for all days of the season.

Jean Jacket from Madewell, but I also love this one from Levi’s  |  Packable Hat from Madewell  |  Patterned loose top from Ace & Jig  |  Classic Boyfriend Chambray from J.Crew  |  Gray Sweatshirt from Tradlands  |  Olive Green Shorts from Everlane Gray Tank from Madewell   |  Tank Shirt Dress from Tradlands  |  Wide Leg High Waisted Khaki Pants from Everlane  |  Striped Tee from Madewell  |  Canvas Tote from ABLE  |  Sunglasses from Huckberry  |  Light wash Kick Crops from Everlane  (I Turn the buttons up)  |  Bandana from Imogene and Willie  |  Farm Market Tote from Barebones  |  White shirt from Mollusk  |  Boots from Blundstone  |  Slip-ons from Vans  |  White Blouse from Mollusk  |  Mustard Tee from Tradlands  |  Black Bathing Suit from Mollusk  |  Linen Dress from Zara  |  Brown Leather Sandals from Kork-Ease  |  Pull-on Shorts from Madewell High Waisted Denim Short from Madewell 


So tell me what are some of your essentials for the summer? Share below and how you wear them in order to inspire others.

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