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I am so excited to be giving away 3 tickets today to Circles Conference. Let me tell you why.

1. I believe in creative collaboration and there are some killer designers coming together at this conference and I am excited 3 of you will get to be apart of it.

2. I will be speaking about the importance of bringing your personal in to your design business and why it has been influential for me and the success of my business.

3. Coming away from Alt and after my post last week many of you said you were fearful to attend a creative conference and I am hoping after the post some of you are pumped to take the risk and challenge of breaking the ice at Circles. I have not been, but my girl, Promise spoke last year and she said it was an amazing group of people.

So I hope that convinces you of why this give away is pretty awesome. It is so cool to me to be able to give you all an opportunity to grow and get inspired even beyond here. So I hope you take the opportunity to enter today. You have all week to make the decision, but I suggest just entering right now. Take a risk. Jump off the edge. Let’s get to know each other and get inspired, k? Nothing to fear.

To enter I want to hear why you want to attend. I don’t want to pick this at random I want to know why you think this could be the best thing for you. Give it to me in your most honest words. I want to know. Not that it is a competition of tugging at my heart strings, but I really want to know. Ready? Shoot. Let’s hear it. Lets go to Texas and eat some Tex-mex and drink some Shiner. We need some BBQ and creative inspiration, don’t we?



Okay you all this was crazy crazy hard! You all had the most amazing comments and stories and websites. I could not decide the way I was hoping as my heart is way to soft. So I chose my top 20 and dropped you all in a bowl and then had Mike pull them out. So I am excited to announce that Phil, Mary, and Joanna will be coming to Circles!!!! That’s right you three will be lucky to have a spot at one of the coolest creative conferences this year. I will be emailing you all this afternoon to get some information and so on. Please respond quickly to at least let me know this works for you and that you will be able to make travel arrangements.

Thank you EVERYONE for participating. Remember the conference is not sold out yet so if you did not win a ticket I really suggest heading over to grab one for yourself. It is going to be very good. I wish I could have given each of you a ticket. SERIOUS! This was so hard.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea there was a design conference this close to me! I have always heard about Alt Summit, HOW’s conference in San Fran, and AGIA’s design camp up north but never in the Southwest!

    I’ve been wanting to attend a design conference since I started my own studio last year and have been dying to network with other business owners and design students (like myself). I live in New Mexico and although we get a lot fine art culture from Santa Fe, there isn’t a lot of *good* graphic designers around. Grapevine is probably only 5-6 hours away from me! I’ve also been looking to move/transfer (for school) and Texas ( Austin area) is a good option for me. This would be a great opportunity to meet some Texas designers!

    Thanks for the giveaway and for just letting us know about this conference!

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