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I know tons of people write posts about this, but I rarely share some of the people I follow on social networks and I really should because I know they would inspire you all as well. So I thought since I woke up this morning SUPER inspired by some awesome instagrammers I would share some of my favorite must-follows with you all. If you are obsessed with this app as much as I am you will appreciate this wonderful list. I promise!

1. Two Jet Skis : I am a type junky so his daily creations are super inspirational to see and follow.
2. A Well Traveled Woman : Basically Becka is my girl crush. Her life, style, and boys are so wonderful to follow. Basically I want to grow up and be like her. 
3. Amanda Jane Jones : Perfectly curated in every way. I love following Amanda and Cree. It is just beautiful to watch unfold everyday.
4. Marta Marie Forsberg : A while back she did a series called 40 days of Lunch. It was the best instagram series I have ever followed. The other day she talked about it and I am hoping she does another like it soon!
5. Jesse Chamberlin : Jesse is creative and between her and her husband, Whit there is much humor, fun, and awesomeness that is inspirational to follow. Her eye and perception of her world is always vibrant and full of life. I love it.
6. Ariele Alasko : You probably have seen her work before, and like most super talented artistpreneurs she creates beautiful things no matter what she does. Her instagram is well curated, which is a big thing for me. The colors are consistent and watching her work come together is really fun!
7. Michael Newsted: He is a good friend, but one I dearly treasure. There are some people who come in to your life and challenge the way you see the world. Michael has done that for me. Watching his world unfold on his instagram inspires me.
8. Lindsay Stetson: I met Lindsay almost 2 years ago in SLC for Alt Summit and I have to tell you she is the coolest. We also went to DesignLife last Fall in Palm Springs. She is one of those people that just sees life’s beauty no matter what.
9. Bonnie Tsang: Been a long time fan of her work. I understood why better when I found out she was previously a designer before she became a photographer. It makes me realize why I love her understanding of negative space and color. She is truly talented and inspired.

Hope you all find these new people inspiring to add to your instagram. I think it is important to curate and input beauty as much as possible to our lives when we are trying to create beautiful things.

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