Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for all you procrastinators | The Fresh Exchange


If any of you are like me you are still trying to figure out a couple more things for those people on your list this year. If you also are like me and don’t want to brave the crowds and lines, I gathered up a whole list of things that are all available via Amazon Prime so you can order them and either have them delivered to you or whoever the gift was thoughtfully chosen for. Easy and done.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for all you procrastinators | The Fresh Exchange

Cutting Board $25  |  Balsam Incense $8  |  Egg Crate $12  |  Water Container $42  |  Market Basket $40  |  Silver Pencil Case $12  |  Knit Crown $8  |  Animals Book $14  |  Cards Against Humanity $25  |  Wood Car $36  |  Axe $24  |  Knit Slippers $40  |  Donna Hay Book $23  |  Salt and Pepper Containers $25  | Minimal Bottle Opener $8  |  52 Lists Project $10  |  Black Watch $54  |  Wool Hat $70  |  Copper Tumbler $7  |  Patterned Platter $23  |  Marble Candle Holder $75  |  Black Water Bottle $16 |  Striped Weekender $74  |  Gold and Silver Scissors $24 

Get more items on our Canopy Shop as well if you want even more curated items from Amazon.

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