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This is a new week and I think it is time to implement those changes we have all been thinking about. I am saying this to myself just as I am saying this to y’all as well. I am not talking resolutions but instead talking about the little routine changes or even big changes such as moving or taking a leap in a relationship. I always find an excuse to not stick to something I want to change or I chicken out, but I think this week is a week where we need to implement changes. We need to stop saying “I am going to” and instead begin to say ” I am doing “. The difference between those two phrases is small but they can make all the difference.

I always find change to be a good way to solve many of my day to day frustrations. For instance, I am not super great at waking up before 7:30 or 8 am. I am not a morning person and as much as I want to be it just doesn’t work for me. I was really frustrated with myself for not being that uber productive human who wakes up at 6 AM, hits the gym, and be at my desk pounding the keys at 8 or 8:30 AM. I couldn’t nail it down and only felt exhausted, needed a nap, and ultimately unproductive. Instead now I have made a change. I have resolved to accept that evening workouts are my thing and that an 8 AM wake up to be in the office by 9 AM is actually better for me. It means I get more done and I feel more successful.

Little changes in routine, life, or even in perspective can make huge differences in our mood, health, and relationships. I am not sure what you are struggling with or what changes you are either dreading or not sure how to implement but I hope today you can begin moving in to make that change. Maybe it is time for a leap in to something new and wild. There is never any better moment than right now.

Happy Monday my friends. I hope you each had a killer weekend!

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