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This is a new week and I think it is time to implement those changes we have all been thinking about. I am saying this to myself just as I am saying this to y’all as well. I am not talking resolutions but instead talking about the little routine changes or even big changes such as moving or taking a leap in a relationship. I always find an excuse to not stick to something I want to change or I chicken out, but I think this week is a week where we need to implement changes. We need to stop saying “I am going to” and instead begin to say ” I am doing “. The difference between those two phrases is small but they can make all the difference.

I always find change to be a good way to solve many of my day to day frustrations. For instance, I am not super great at waking up before 7:30 or 8 am. I am not a morning person and as much as I want to be it just doesn’t work for me. I was really frustrated with myself for not being that uber productive human who wakes up at 6 AM, hits the gym, and be at my desk pounding the keys at 8 or 8:30 AM. I couldn’t nail it down and only felt exhausted, needed a nap, and ultimately unproductive. Instead now I have made a change. I have resolved to accept that evening workouts are my thing and that an 8 AM wake up to be in the office by 9 AM is actually better for me. It means I get more done and I feel more successful.

Little changes in routine, life, or even in perspective can make huge differences in our mood, health, and relationships. I am not sure what you are struggling with or what changes you are either dreading or not sure how to implement but I hope today you can begin moving in to make that change. Maybe it is time for a leap in to something new and wild. There is never any better moment than right now.

Happy Monday my friends. I hope you each had a killer weekend!

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11 Responses

  1. I desperately want to be an early riser/morning exerciser/first at work – kind of person. It is just so hard to change habits. I hate waking up early, but once I am up and doing things, I actually feel so much better for having started my day super early (which to me is 7am). But unfortunately by the next morning I have already forgotten how great it felt and I go back to struggling. Sometimes I have found that if there is a particular song I am enjoying at the moment, then playing it as soon as I wake up makes me want to get out of bed and dance around – haha, that normally wakes me up!

  2. I love how so many of your posts always come right on time. 🙂 I’m so with you on this. Don’t talk about change, make the change.

  3. As a morning person it’s interesting to see things from the other perspective. I used to try to fit everything (creative time, chores, etc) in the evenings after work since my husband is very much a night person and typically none of my housemates go to sleep before midnight. I decided enough was enough and have been waking up around 6:00am and sleeping by 9:30/10:00pm most days. It’s insane how much more productive, less cranky, and generally happy I am after switching to my body’s natural schedule. I hope it goes well for you too!

  4. You are preaching to the choir girl. I’m not a morning person either. Well that’s not entirely true. I’m super cheerful when I wake up and always ready to start the day, but that start isn’t until 8:00. I’ve tried over the years to change that, but it never worked. Now I’ve shifted my entire workday (luckily I’m in control of that) so that I work a little later and sleep in. It’s perfect for me.

    Also, small changes are my jam. It’s why I started my business. I’m not a fan of huge life changes, because they usually don’t work out, but if we all just got started on the small ones we’d see major shifts in the end.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I always love reading your writing.

  5. Making the change to saying “I am doing” has been a big thing for me lately. It seems so permanent but is so necessary to get yourself used to saying when making a big change. In May I am moving from Kansas City to Nashville and I have started to say “I am” before that statement and it has made all the difference in the world.

  6. I feel the same way about change. And I feel the same way about evening workouts! Something about getting out all the stresses of the day at the END of the day is most relaxing and beneficial to me.

  7. ah if only we all had the flexibility! I feel best in the day if I work out before work too, but most days I can’t get my butt outta bed at 4:45am so I can get to the gym by 6am, shower by 7:15am, be at work at 8am… even if I stay 3 hours late every day, my company doesn’t accept walking in after 8am (sad face).

  8. I also have tried to mold myself into being a morning person. It’s silly, but I think it stemmed from a sense of pride, because friends would look down on me if I said I slept until 8:30 (and totally disregard the fact that I was working on a project at midnight). Once you accept the way you work best, it helps so much! Glad I’m a freelancer for these reasons. 🙂

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