Mid-Summer Thoughts

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Thoughts on Summer and personal changes. More on The Fresh Exchange.

We sat on the edge of the lake and over a campfire surrounded by some of our best friends, we watched a storm roll in while the last light faded and the thunder rolled in reverberating over the water. The fire crackled but felt faint compared to the sound of the waves on the share that over and over crashed reminding us of her presence amongst us. Only hours before the sunset, I had taken in the vision of the ridges of sand that the lapping waves of the lake created under the surface of the water. The water so crisp and clear that you could see the magic of the ridges under the surface. It was so beautiful I wanted to swim above them so not to disturb the fleeting art that the lake made without effort.

Thoughts on Summer and personal changes. More on The Fresh Exchange.

That night we enjoyed a true summer evening. All around us were ideal summer moments from campfires to dogs fetching sticks in the waning light of the evening to children playing in the waves as the sunset and their parents begged them to come in and head home.

This summer I have been learning a lot about myself, about my schedule, about wildness, about abundance, about balance, about self-care, about living in the moment, and about letting go. I have become stronger this season and more confident in my path just a little more than the season before. I feel more thankful and at home these days as myself. Now, nearly half way through my first year of 30 I am beginning to understand the beauty of this decade that lies at my feet. I no longer long to be younger. Instead, I feel thankful for those years of wildness and freedom that shaped me and helped me find myself here as a mother and having confidence in my place on this earth. I see now more than ever the importance of wild years. Those years allowed me to be here in this decade as it should be, grounded, whole, and focused on caring for my soul so I can be my best self for those I love and care for most.

Thoughts on Summer and personal changes. More on The Fresh Exchange.

I say it over and over, but what why I love about seasons is the opportunity they give us to mark the changes within ourselves. When I look back over these past few months and who I am not vs. who I was even two months ago, I see such growth. It never stops surprising me how when we are aware of ourselves and take time to reflect instead of always moving forward that we can see that we are ever changing souls. We are continually moving, growing, expanding, contracting, reaching, relaxing, settling, and discovering the world we are in, the place we belong, the place we don’t belong, and the journey we are intended for. There is such beauty in being aware of ourselves that brings about gratitude for where we may find ourselves.

Thoughts on Summer and personal changes. More on The Fresh Exchange.

That night on the lake watching the storm in, I put my head on my friend’s shoulder and she laid her head on mine. I felt thankful for the moment and all that brought me right there beside these wonderful people. I felt overwhelmed by it all from the lapping lake to the thunder in the distance to my family I am blessed with to this life I have been given to live. I felt the weight of responsibility to live well, live deeply, and feel it all in the process. The rolling thunder in the distance brought me back to the moment and I took a deep breath so I could forever hold that moment in time because I knew it was a mark in my journey to recognize these shifts in my life and the thankfulness I have for it all.

Thoughts on Summer and personal changes. More on The Fresh Exchange.

Summer is a busy and wild time, but I am finding that amongst the busy days, life is abundant and worth slowing down enough for to drink up and document the moments you feel life for all it is.

I hope you are finding ways this summer to feel summer and recognize how you are changing as this summer moves from the peak to the end. Document somehow how you are growing, changing, and becoming. It is important to realize we are always becoming and the beauty that lies in the journey of our lives in every season.

PS. Listen to this song this weekend.

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