Monday Morning

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Oh Monday you are a sneaky one, aren’t ya? Another week begins and it is officially the first full week of the new year. Why does that feel like such a big deal? I am not sure but it does. This weekend was a little rough as I was sick, but I conquered it just in time for the week to begin, phew!

This week holds a lot of big work, big emails, big talks, and big ideas. Weeks like this one kind of freak me out and I find myself procrastinating out of what I hate to admit is fear. Why do we fear success so much? Is it because we feel the chances are slim and failure seems just as close as the success? I am not sure, but I hate that no matter what I do I find ways to avoid doing what must be done when it comes to big things. This fear also shows me how much of our success and reaching our dreams truly lies in our own hands and minds.

Since this week holds so many big things and so many changes maybe this will be the week I finally let go of the fear. It is the first week of the new year anyways, right? I think this is a good place to start. So this will be the week to implement stronger shoulders and shaking off all that fear. What ya think?

Does this week hold anything big for you? What do you hope to conquer? Today is better than later isn’t it? I think it’s time to start fresh.


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