Monday Words: Dream

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Monday Words: Dream | The Fresh Exchange

It is easy to wake up each day and continue living the way we are.
It is easy to keep chugging along without thinking twice about where we are headed.
It is easy to not question the path that lies ahead because it is easier if we don’t.
It is easiest if we don’t step too far away from the uncharted.
It is easiest if we don’t dream too big because dreaming too big means too much room for failure.
It is easiest to stay where you are than do the work it would take to climb the hurdles to where you may want to be.
It is easiest to take the path well traveled.

What we don’t realize that though the path to our biggest and greatest dreams may feel as if mountains, miles, hours, skills, and more stand between us and them, that doesn’t mean we cannot dream.

It doesn’t mean we cannot allow our wildest dreams to become vivid.
It doesn’t mean that we have to place them away boxed and knowing they may never come true.
It doesn’t mean that we should stack up a list of things the keep us from these dreams.
It doesn’t mean we need to somehow come to the realization that in reality it is just a pipe dream.

The truth is that whatever we dream. Whatever we feel in our bones is what we need to do. Whatever drives us to jump out of our bed is a possibility. By choosing to decide it isn’t because of the million things that could stand in the way, we have decided to live a life that is only a small portion of our potential. Dreams should be dreamt with the belief that even if there are things that stand in the way, they are but small hurdles that will only bring us to a better place to be better prepared when the day arrives where we can see our dream face-to-face.

Happy Monday friends. May you dream big and know that anything is possible when we choose to believe it is.

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