Monday Words: Be Steady

Monday Words: Gustave Flambert | The Fresh Exchange

Over the years I have learned that succeeding at your dreams doesn’t necessarily¬†100% have to do with skill, but your ability to manage your time and structure your life in such a way that leaves room for your greatest work to realized and created. Doesn’t Mark Zuckerburg keep to wearing only one uniform? Didn’t Steve Jobs do the same? Offering structure and order to the common every day tasks of life leaves your brain open to focusing on the creative decisions. The order leaves you feeling secure, which makes you feel brave enough to step out a little further each day and month.

I always felt being a great creative meant being a free spirit and never feeling bound by anything. I have learned over time that that is far from the truth. Instead, having a rhythm and pattern to life, my wardrobe, my diet, and more leaves me feeling so much freedom with my work that I am better able to explore new ideas with clarity and feel more certain about my decisions.

So this week see if there is a way to create a steadiness to your life in a way that leaves you feeling confident enough to step out and try something new.


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