Monday Words: If It Doesn’t Scare You…

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Monday Words: It is okay to be scared. The Fresh Exchange

Leading up to launching this new direction for TFE I was pretty fearful. I wasn’t sure how readers would feel and I was scared things wouldn’t come together as I hoped. As I wrote the post for last Monday to share with you what our vision for TFE was, I realized I didn’t remember the last time I had really been fearful creatively. It reminded me how important it is to dream big, reach beyond where we feel capable, and leap with our eyes closed unsure exactly of what we will find below. I began TFE with many great creative fears and it was always intended to be a space where I felt creatively free, but at some point, I stopped taking as many risks. I stopped because I was fearful of leaving the box I thought applied to building a successful blog, which lead me to stop feeling I could risk anything creatively.

There are numerous reasons as I have stated both in this post and this month’s newsletter why I chose the word Awakening for March, but as I have gone deeper and deeper into the content for this first month, I realize I am in fact experiencing myself creatively awakening. Seasons come and go in our world just as much as they come and go in our own lives. The important thing is recognizing seasons whether in life or in our environment and opening our eyes enough to see when they are upon us, shifting, and shaping us.

This last week I realized that here I am experiencing my own. After many months of being creatively stagnant, I find myself at a place of becoming creatively alive again. I am waking up to who I am and feeling clarity and strength these days. I am learning to own what I feel I am meant to do and to always look for the places in my life where I need to push, challenge myself, and take a risk at times. In this case, this new direction for the blog is a result of taking many months of being aware of myself and my heart. I now am reminded of the beauty that comes from challenging ourselves and how important it is to keep transforming, refining, and growing in every aspect of life.

I hope signs of spring are showing up for you whether the snow and cold are dissipating or you are feeling your soul coming to life in a new way. Happy Monday my friends. Get up and go today. Do something that scares you.

Tomorrow we will be sharing a body scrub recipe to help get you ready to awaken your skin this month. 

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