Monday Words: Go Freely

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Monday Words: Go Freely | The Fresh Exchange

It is incredibly easy to lose sight of the fact that we define the things that define our lives and the limits we reach. Every time I feel as if I have been stripped of freedom, I have to ask whether this is something that is a reality or if this is something I am defining for myself.

The one thing Mike and I have both set in place in our lives is that anything is possible and it isn’t about whether or not, but how it will. Whenever I hear someone say, “well I cannot do that because of…” I ask well why is that an issue? It is easy to stand on the sidelines of our own lives and look at others who have found ways to fight the bounds of their boxes and think, great for them, but I will never have that. The truth is you can and you will, but it is all about tearing down the walls that box you in and keep you from going freely into the world thinking “anything is possible.”

When something stops me from believing that simple statement, I know something needs to change. I have a strong belief that it is easier to allow ourselves to create boxes around our life than it is to do the hard emotional work it takes to change things enough to see that those walls don’t need to exist. Most of my walls come out of fear and there are dozens of times I have lost out on embracing possibility and opportunity because I have allowed the bounds of fear define me. As I result I have find myself held in a box of what I believed to be safety, when in actuality it safety doesn’t mean freedom. I regret those times, but what I don’t regret are the times that I stepped outside of the box even when a hard less on was learned.

So sure, it is easy to sit in our small box, safely, but a box will never bring freedom or joy. We are meant to live fully and freely. Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July today or not, remember that you have a say in your freedom whether mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, or emotionally. You define the walls that keep you where you are. Pursue a mentality of freedom today.

Happy Monday friends!

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