Monday Words: Remain Present

Monday Words: Confine Yourself to the Present | The Fresh Exchange

Are you having one of those months when things seem to be piled extremely high? We currently are. Between having a 6-month-old baby who is into literally everything he can see, running our business, traveling, and keeping up with our content here we are feeling pulled in many directions.

It has been to the point that we recently have had to ask what matters most and what doesn’t? A question that continues to surface every few months. Much like when you look around your house and see that clutter is taking over again, you have to ask yourself in that moment what matters most and what doesn’t in a completely different way.

During this time we have done continued work on focusing on remaining present. I find that anxiety, unhappiness, and/or disappointment sets in when I think too far outside of the confines of the present moment. When you own a business it is easy to want to look beyond the tasks at hand and to dream beyond it. It is natural and there is a necessary time for this, but there is also a necessary time to close yourself up to anything beyond what lies right ahead of you. For us, we are at a point where we have to remain present, focused on what lies in front of us, and zone in right there and nowhere else.

We have many balls in the air right now and some we threw on ourselves and some that were thrown at us. All are good. All have their own challenges.

No matter how or what lies in your lap right now, do the best thing and conquer that. Remain present long enough to work through what needs your attention in order to leave space for dreaming of the future and evaluating the past. For when we are the most present in right now, we have more ability to look behind and in front of us with the clearest eyes possible.

What does your week look like? Do you have room to dream right now or are you needing to get tighter about focusing on what lies at your feet right now?

Happy Monday friends!

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5 Responses

  1. I’ve been there as well, so many times in fact. Dreaming how I can finally grow my business to its biggest point, while not knowing that I’ve got a whole lot of stuff overlooked. Focusing on the present may sound simple but it’s not quite an easy thing to do. I’m still learning to do it.

  2. Oh, I’ve totally been there… SO many times. Hang in there! This season of parenting is HARD… it gets easier, but doing kids with a business is no walk in the park! These past few weeks have been a relief of the juggling act, honestly. It’s been nice to feel like I can breathe again. In fact, it feels like a first! These past two weeks there’s been enough peace in the schedule so I can enjoy the present. It’s so good.

    Hang in there. Weed out what you don’t need… & thanks for the encouragement. I love this space. 🙂

  3. This post really hit a note with me. Everything is so crazy in my life right now. My husband FINALLY got a new job, but he doesn’t start until the middle of September, which means we have to survive on my pay until then. It’s come to my attention that we’ll have just $100 for food and gas over three weeks; a struggle I haven’t had to think about since living with my parents. And, of course, the pets need supplies for the first time in months, things need to be replaced or repaired around the house; everything seems to be piling on. My husband doesn’t seem to be worried (of course; he’s not trying to figure out how the bills will get paid and the food will be on the table), so I am spending so much time worrying and playing things close to the chest that being present is not even on my mind.
    But it should be. And I need to find that balance, somehow.

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