Monday Words: Living With It + Read This Book!

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Sweetbitter Quote from Stephanie Danler's book  |  The Fresh Exchange


Over the break, I made a point to stop scrolling and start reading more. I spent a little time digging around on iBooks and read some previews of a few books. Eventually, I landed on Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. Since then, I have been devouring this book, which is saying a lot because I very rarely find a book I feel this way about. This year I am spending much more time reading than ever before in hopes to continue pursuing quality within my own writing.

Danler’s book is a wonderfully witty and raw account of the experience of being young and working in the New York restaurant life. She writes excerpts and pieces of bits of lessons and moments alongside bits of definitions of restaurant culture. These short pieces compliment each other to beautifully elaborate on moments, lessons, and experiences while simplifying down to the point. It is a rare reading experience I am trying to savor just like a great meal.

Though I am only half through the first section of the book, I have highlighted so many portions of the book. The one that continually stands out is the above quote from the book. As I have been working on slowing down in order to produce more quality in my life, I am learning this very lesson couldn’t be truer of the importance of living with something to learn it. This is applicable in nearly every place in life from choosing a college degree, to choosing who you will marry, to knowing if a sweater is right for you, to choosing a place to live, and the list goes on. Everything in life needs time to settle and find its place in order to know if it is right or wrong or just something half way in-between.

Lately, there are a lot of things I am living in order to learn them. Though I am a big believer in your gut and that sometimes the first experience is the best way to know if something is right or not, there are many times that allowing something to hang around can also be the perfect way to learn as well.

So what are the things you are living with in order to learn them? Is it a career? Is it a person? Is it a place? I would love to hear.

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