Monday Words: Make the Most of Today

Monday Words: Make the Most of Today | The Fresh Exchange

This last week I have been thoroughly reminded of the importance of making the most of the day. Maybe it is the limited time I have for myself as a new parent or maybe it is the fact that there is a little more sun streaming in our house these days that are taking away the dreary feelings of winter. Either way, it is such a good reminder.

Before H came along I never enjoyed mornings and in fact, I hated them, to be honest. These days our days have shifted from our day starting at 10 and ending at 1 AM to 7 AM to 10 PM. It is different there is no doubt, but there is nothing better than waking up to the smiles of that little guy. Continually he has been teaching me the importance of the moment you are in. I want so badly to drift off into the internet world at times when I am waiting for a bottle to warm or for him to fall asleep for his nap so I can get back to finishing a blog post or an email. The truth is that though it feels like I need to be juggling 10 things, his presence continues to remind me of the importance of being present with him and within that moment with him. The moment will pass shortly enough, I will look back one day and long for it again. I will long to hold to him when he was all curled up like he is right now or to chat with him while I change his outfit after a night of ups and downs. Those are moments that will never return, but a blog post and an Instagram will always be an option.

Now you may not be a parent or even be thinking about it, but I hope today that you remember to make the most of your day, make the most of the moments that are fleeting, you won’t be able to get back and you may long to have again years from now. Those are the ones that should be your greatest achievements of the day and week. Maybe it is making time for a friend, taking in the fresh spring flowers on your walk, watching the steam rise as you drink a hot cup of coffee this morning. Whatever it is, take it in. Enjoying those small moments can be the thing that brings the fullest feeling to a day.

Happy Monday friends! Enjoy the day fully.

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9 Responses

  1. Seeing words of encouragement like this makes me smile. I always remind myself to live today–not for yesterday or tomorrow–and lookin at this again now just gives that little extra push! Thanks megan!
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  2. This is gold Megan! Thank you for the reminder of how important the really simple moments of life are and how valuable it is to live present in it. For me it’s so easy to grab my phone to pass the time versus opening my eyes to what’s before no matter how “mundane” it looks or feels. There’s so much wonder in the everyday!!!! So thank you for this and your son is absolutely adorable! Congrats again!

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