Monday Words: An Ode to MLK Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Quote about love and fighting hate. More on The Fresh Exchange

Love. Yes, love. It is the brightest light that can shine. It will cause the greatest sacrifices. It will heal the deepest wounds. It will crumble the tallest walls. It tells the greatest stories. It is the greatest and most precious emotion we experience as humans. There is nothing that can break real love. There is nothing that can replace it, dampen it, or remove it. Love wins….always. No question and this is why today on MLK Jr. Day I am pulling this quote to inspire me.

I am choosing in the days ahead to stick with love. Hate, anger, frustration, and negativity never do good. Anything done out of hate of any kind will fall short of mending what is broken or providing the bridge that is needed.

Hours before writing this post, I listened to reports and read tweets of anger, frustration, disappointment, and confusion that seem to grow deeper than the day before. Politics are not my conversation here, they never will be, but what is my conversation is beauty, inspiration, and intention. I know we cannot fight hate with hate. I am confused these days more often than not by the world we live in right now and I keep trying to make sense of it all, but all I come back to over and over is love. I come back to beauty. I come back to investing in those I love, the people I believe in, and preserving what needs preserving. I come back to caring for my neighbor and investing in my community. I come back to love over and over again. I come back to positivity and what can I do today to be a positive voice. I don’t want to turn my eyes or ears from it all because I live in this world and am raising a child in it, but I can choose how I react and how even I can change the conversation in the smallest way.

There is none greater who desired or exemplified what it means to love, bridge gaps of indifference, or embrace what you do not understand than MLK Jr. His words resonate just as loudly and clearly today as they did years ago when he gave his “I Have A Dream Speech“. He spoke truth that has continued to echo clearly and loudly for ages and will continue to.  Love. Love. Love. That is the most powerful thing. Don’t speak from anger. Don’t speak or act out of fear. Speak of love. Speak of beauty. Celebrate life. That is what we must do and I thank MLK Jr. for this reminder today to fight for love not just today but every day.

So today, how will you fight for love? How do you plan to honor MLK Jr. today? How will you celebrate life? We all have so much to be thankful for…don’t miss the chance to acknowledge it today.

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