Monday Words: Pursue Beauty

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Monday Words: Pursue Beauty | The Fresh Exchange

This weekend being up north in Michigan for the first time in over a year was really refreshing. I am not sure what it is about being up here, but there is always a sense of freedom and comfort. I swear I sleep better here. Maybe it is the cool air at night and the breezes that blow the wind chimes outside. Maybe it is the smell of the lake that constantly hangs in the air, but this place always grounds me.

There is something about life here that reminds me to slow down, take the long way home because it is beautiful while the sunsets. So as I was watching the rain fall this morning and talking to Hayes I remembered that there is nothing more wonderful to pursue than beauty. I am not talking just about everything be pretty on the outside, but finding beauty inside ourselves as well. Finding patience, kindness, and optimism no matter what. Pursuing beauty isn’t easy in a world where sometimes so much of life can feel far from it, but I have found that when I choose to look with eyes wide open for the beauty in everything that it surprises me where I will find it.

For instance, this weekend we drove out to a less than beautiful part of Michigan to go to a greenhouse. On the outside this place wasn’t beautiful and in fact it missed the mark on branding, experience, and many other things that I tend to expect too often. I looked beyond those things as I walked into the greenhouse holding Hayes and the whole room was full of layers and layers of beautiful flowers. It was empty in there and just full of multi-colored layers of flowers. It was so simple, but absolutely beautiful. Then I heard Hayes, giggle, and he had a huge smile. He loves plants and the outdoors so much, but I realized he had never seen flowers like this. We spent quite a bit of time wandering the rows and I let him look at them for quite some time. The boy was happy and I thought of how amazing this must be to him.

That moment was a perfect reminder of how when we pursue beauty and look for beautiful things whether a smile on a rainy day, beautiful flowers in an unexpected place, or the kindness of a text to a friend you have been thinking of, all of those things make life more special and more worth pursuing.

I hope you spend this week pursuing beauty and noticing how it can change your perspective.

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