Monday Words: Content in the Journey

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Monday Words: Content in the Journey | The Fresh Exchange

In this first month of being new parents, it feels like we are constantly trying to keep it together. It being the dishes, a clean diaper, an empty inbox, and a 3-hour block of uninterrupted sleep with the help of products like that hot water mattress pad, etc. As many of you parents know, this first month, or two, or three are a marathon. You don’t get much rest and you give everything you have to this child. It is so physically and mentally draining. However at the same time, these moments with him are so physically and mentally beautiful. I want to enjoy every sound he makes and every open-eyed look of wonderment and love he gives me when I pick him up. So in the middle of a 4-6am rocking and soothing session, I found the story of Ben Saunders, and found a lot of beauty in his words.

Check out his TED talk here, or the transcript if you are holding a sleeping baby at 4am, on the 105 hardest days of his life when he and his hiking partner hiked roughly 1800 miles round trip to the south pole and back to the shore. The story is amazing, but the line that stood out to me was at the very end of his story when he was talking about the joy he found in the struggle of the journey.

If we can’t feel content here, today, now, on our journeys amidst the mess and the striving that we all inhabit, the open loops, the half-finished to-do lists, the could-do-better-next-times, then we might never feel it.”

Embrace the journey this Monday and may you all find beauty in your everyday. Have a great Monday everyone!

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