Monday Words: The Well-Beaten Path

Monday Words: The Well-Beaten Path | The Fresh Exchange

A few weeks back I read this article called Your Life is Too Valuable to Live Like Everyone Else from The Minamalists and they referenced this quote in the beginning of the post. The post is great and it was such a good reminder of how when everyone else seems to be going one direction it doesn’t always mean it is the right direction. It is hard isn’t easy charting your own path, but it is easier than following a path that isn’t meant for you.

I hope this gets you on the right foot this week. We have a few great posts for you this week so get ready to get inspired.

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  1. Just had lunch with some of my old colleagues on Friday! Lovely to see them and it reminded me that I enjoyed the company of a larger office and working on the Michael Kors brand. This quote however reminded me how much I enjoy the challenges of building the DesignLens app and the interesting people I am meeting through it. Thanks for posting. The right path is the path that makes you excited to keep moving forward!

  2. LOVE these words. A good friend of mine is going through some career troubles (following a less conventional route), and I shared this with him this morning. Very positive (and true!) sentiment 🙂

  3. This is such an amazing quote! I read that article as well and it was incredibly eye-opening. I am almost 25 and have yet to find my “path” and have always felt that I should follow the “path most travelled” because that seems to be the way to “success”. But I have learned that “success” is only defined by the person. my success is different and not as traditional as most but I happy with it 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this post!
    Take care,
    C |

  4. Awesome! I love how inspiring and encouraging your blog is. this post resonates with me as i am building my fashion blogging niche. a shifted the focus of my blog to a general fashion blog, to one that specifically focuses on “affordable, stylish & quality” fashion-i’m slowly getting those words each week per post and now using the right hash tags relevant to my brand. so yes, a good reminder to be your own voice and lead your own path.

    Joua To The Rescue