Moving Forward

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I realized that for more than a month this blog has gone from what inspired me daily to what I am seeing, doing, and experiencing daily. It feels funny to think about jumping back into columns again and has given me a fresh perspective on the direction the blog will go.

Coming home from this trip, life has felt new, different, slightly strange to be honest. My ideals and perspective have shifted more than I expected and along the way this blog has held those thoughts and experiences. Once again I find this space more deeply personal than it was the week or day before as it has acted more as a journal, diary, or something in between.

What I realized is that a blog is going to change, it will morph as it is growing with the writer and curator. While traveling I thought I would keep to a normal schedule with my columns I had before leaving, but instead I found it most inspiring to put out our daily adventures and create type freely. I have never been more inspired as a blogger and now being back in the states I am beginning to see The Fresh Exchange have an opportunity to reshape and change just as I have during these travels.

In the coming months some columns will disappear, some will stay, but I promise The Fresh Exchange will more than ever be me and may become more honest than it was, more real than it was, and full of more original content than it was before. What I see in the upcoming months through the winter is The Fresh Exchange become a natural outpowering of my creativity. I found while I was traveling, many times I was trying to fit into the blogger box. After thinking less and acting more on what inspired me while we were traveling I realized I wanted to bring more of this to the blog than I ever have before.

I hope you all are as excited about what is to come as I am. I head back to Michigan tomorrow and am feeling excited to get back in the office, working, launching projects, and developing these ideas for the blog better. A lot is on the horizon and I am more excited than ever to make it all happen.


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