A Northern Michigan Winter Adventure

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Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Well the snow is just not stopping here. I keep thinking I will wake up and this flurry of flakes will have ended, but Winter is here and is covering the earth gently and beautifully with the most perfect blanket of white. I won’t lie, it is cold out and that is not my favorite, but this full on Winter thing makes me rather happy. This year Winter just has felt more magical than ever. I hate to admit I might like it, but I do. The pureness of the untouched snow is almost blissful.

Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Since Winter has been so awesome lately, this means we have been working hard to get outside for as long as our noses and lips can stand the cold. We have the most amazing strip of woods behind our house that I find to be the perfect escape from the office mid-day. Today was no different.


Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Wandering through the snow felt so peaceful and helped clear my head of the clutter and stresses I have had the last few days with getting back in to work. There is a stillness I crave in the Winter, a clatter the tall pines only make when frozen, and a refreshing crispness in the air from the cold temps. Yes it feels completely opposite from a warm Summer breeze, but in the right and natural kind of way.

Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Northern Michigan is probably the only place I would want to be this time of year especially after long days of good Lake Effect snow. You cannot replace snow covered pine branches with anything else…not even a beach and sunshine…call me crazy. I love it and I am so glad that we have pups that tell us it’s time for a mid-afternoon walk during the day. It keeps us reminded to get out and see the beauty around us and away from our screens.

Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

This weekend we have a lot of work planned. One day we will be caught up I tell myself, but we also plan to enjoy spending time with our friends around a fire, warm and cozy as much as possible. I actually am going to hopefully be finishing up the new blog design as well. Like I said there are going to be a lot of changes slowly happening around here and a design is one of them. I mean let’s all admit that we all rearrange our living rooms and bedrooms at least once a month, right? Sometimes we all just need a little rearranging to make things feel better again.

Northern Michigan Winter Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and find time to get out no matter the weather and take in what is around you. Spend time celebrating those around you and live a little, k?

PS. little shout out to my pops. It’s his big day today and well I kind of think he is the best. Wanted to thank him for being the inspiration he is and for always expecting the best from me and giving me the confidence to be the woman I am. Wouldn’t be following my dreams without him and my mom.

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