Obaby Reveal Week + A Giveaway

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Obaby App Giveaway   |  The Fresh Exchange

Since we announced Obaby going live, it has been really fun to see how many new stories have being told. It is really amazing to watch something you worked so hard to create, begin to help others tell a better story. That is truly a fulfilling experience as a designer.

With that said, this week is a big week for Obaby! Today is the beginning of their reveal week. This week you will see a few of your favorite bloggers using Obaby and you will notice the price is 80% off this week. Check it out here and here. We are celebrating reveal week by giving away 2 copies of Obaby and 1 copy of Obaby+. We want all of you to be able to experience the app, whether you are a parent or not.

I know not many of you may not be parents yet, but I know you’ve got a friend, sibling or relative who would love to add custom artwork to their baby photos. Obaby makes an amazing gift to anyone who is experiencing the beauty of growing and raising a little one. Personally right now I use it to add some cute things to my instagram and great hand lettering. Not all the phrases are strictly specific just for parents. Check out how I used it this morning. We all are affected by little lives and the joy they bring.

Obaby App Giveaway   |  The Fresh Exchange

Mike and I don’t yet have our own little ones, but watching so many of our friends enter this stage of being parents has brought a lot of joy to our lives already. Recently a friend of mine from 3rd grade, gave birth to a beautiful little boy. Watching her fall in love with him and care for him is such a beautiful thing and is the reason we were so excited to help bring Obaby to life.

Obaby App Giveaway   |  The Fresh Exchange

So how can you win a free copy of Obaby or Obaby+? In the comments below, share your story of how a little life has impacted your own life. Next Monday I will email the winners with codes! I am excited to read all these stories and hear more reasons why an app like Obaby is a really wonderful way to help so many tell their own stories and experiences.

If you want to find out more about the app, check out the website and their instagram account. Also, when we launched Obaby I wrote a post about how we developed and designed the app with Over and 3 other amazing artists.

Happy Monday friends! Share your stories!

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