An Ode to Spring

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Spring is really here  |  The Fresh Exchange

The quiet rain on a warm day.

The smell of the quiet rain on that warm day.

Opening the windows during the day but shutting them as the sun sets.

The first glass of wine of the year on the porch with your neighbors.

The smell of green.

The sight of every shade of green.

The slow lengthening of days.

Chirping birds early in the morning and even into the evenings.

The smell of burning charcoal on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Becoming aware of how much you need a tan.

Pulling tags from a dress you bought on sale at the end of last Summer just for this day.

The sitting on the porch in a sweater simply cause it is just warm enough to make it seem like a good idea.

The sun. Oh the glorious sun.

The good bye to chunky itchy sweaters and too many layers just to stay slightly warm enough.

The first sight of a tulip and the blooming of lilacs.

The fresh smell of every flower blooming as you walk to your favorite neighborhood spots.

The smiles everyone has because life feels right again.

Spring spring spring. It is here.

This weekend was magically Spring and almost like Summer. I think everyone else in the country is beginning to enjoy the same beauty that is Spring. I have learned very quickly that besides the pollen bomb that hits the Southeast Spring, it is pretty dreamy and perfect here.  I have no complaints, and in fact, I keep mistaking it for Northern Michigan Summer.

Photo originally taken during our Garden DIY post last month with Clyde Oak

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