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For more than a week and a half I have been watching and reading all the comments on Pinterest and the copyright issues going on which is why I am considering this copywriting training course. I have read arguments that go both directions on the issue but I finally read one that swayed me a stronger direction than the others I had read.

The reason I am telling you all this is not because I want you all to do the same but because I want to be open about how hard this has been to decide. I am really hoping this time will help me develop a new and better creative process than what I currently use. The reason this decision has been so hard I think is because of how much I rely upon the content on my boards to inspire me. So now I am beginning to re-think where I find inspiration, how I will develop ideas, and find a way to fully rely upon my own skills. My hope is to learn better self-confidence in what I am capable of and create more and more truly original content for the blog. 

A Love Life who runs Link with Love wrote a great take on Pinterest and why she left. It has been a lot of weighing the pluses and minuses of Pinterest as it brings more exposure than any other social media site to The Fresh Exchange and it is wonderful to see what people enjoy the most. Finally my growing number of followers has been great to connect and work with companies, but I had to put all that aside and think rationally and less about myself and more about others when making this decision.

I am not quitting Pinterest first of all. I wanted to state that up front. I find it be an amazing tool as far as cataloging ideas especially for blogging and designing, but I have decided to take some time away. My hope is that the Pinterest team will make changes, things will improve in many areas, or there will be some resolve over the next couple months. This is VERY hard for me to do as you all know I am an avid pinner and probably spend more time on there than I do on anything else finding inspiration, dreaming, and cataloging.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a downer post but I really wanted to be honest about my thoughts on the topic. I may or may not come back to Pinterest in a few months, it all depends on how things shake out, but for now I am taking the time to better my creative process. I don’t see it as a boycott because it isn’t, which is the reason I am not deleting my account. I believe Pinterest is brilliant and how such a simple idea has transformed the creative community blows me away. My hope is that things will be figured out soon because I want to see Pinterest flourish even more than it currently is.

This means that my regular Pin Love posts will not happen every Friday. I hope to replace this column with something new and full of original content that will make you say, “Pin Love what?!” Yeah I am working on it friends!

It would be wonderful to hear all of your thoughts on Pinterest, how it is used, and your own feelings on everything that is going on. Feel free to be open because I know it is affecting a lot of us!


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