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For more than a week and a half I have been watching and reading all the comments on Pinterest and the copyright issues going on. I have read arguments that go both directions on the issue but I finally read one that swayed me a stronger direction than the others I had read. A Love Life who runs Link with Love wrote a great take on Pinterest and why she left. It has been a lot of weighing the pluses and minuses of Pinterest as it brings more exposure than any other social media site to The Fresh Exchange and it is wonderful to see what people enjoy the most. Finally my growing number of followers has been great to connect and work with companies, but I had to put all that aside and think rationally and less about myself and more about others when making this decision.

I am not quitting Pinterest first of all. I wanted to state that up front. I find it be an amazing tool as far as cataloging ideas especially for blogging and designing, but I have decided to take some time away. My hope is that the Pinterest team will make changes, things will improve in many areas, or there will be some resolve over the next couple months. This is VERY hard for me to do as you all know I am an avid pinner and probably spend more time on there than I do on anything else finding inspiration, dreaming, and cataloging.

The reason I am telling you all this is not because I want you all to do the same but because I want to be open about how hard this has been to decide. I am really hoping this time will help me develop a new and better creative process than what I currently use. The reason this decision has been so hard I think is because of how much I rely upon the content on my boards to inspire me. So now I am beginning to re-think where I find inspiration, how I will develop ideas, and find a way to fully rely upon my own skills. My hope is to learn better self-confidence in what I am capable of and create more and more truly original content for the blog.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a downer post but I really wanted to be honest about my thoughts on the topic. I may or may not come back to Pinterest in a few months, it all depends on how things shake out, but for now I am taking the time to better my creative process. I don’t see it as a boycott because it isn’t, which is the reason I am not deleting my account. I believe Pinterest is brilliant and how such a simple idea has transformed the creative community blows me away. My hope is that things will be figured out soon because I want to see Pinterest flourish even more than it currently is.

This means that my regular Pin Love posts will not happen every Friday. I hope to replace this column with something new and full of original content that will make you say, “Pin Love what?!” Yeah I am working on it friends!

It would be wonderful to hear all of your thoughts on Pinterest, how it is used, and your own feelings on everything that is going on. Feel free to be open because I know it is affecting a lot of us!


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16 Responses

  1. Wow. That is quite a commitment. As a challenge and I applaud you. I found you by way of Pinterest and love your aesthetic. I am sure it will continue with Pinterest or not.

  2. I was just explaining the big To-do with my husband while grocery shopping…I think it is a really big deal.

    …but everyonce and I a while, I stumble upon something I don’t want to lose out there in cyber space…and I like that I can collect this bits together …and others can share what inspired me!

  3. I’m so torn on this topic. I will definitely be reading the post from A Love Life. When I first started pinning well over a year ago it was to catalog blog post ideas/inspiration and nothing more. What it has become today is unsettling. I suppose the people who aren’t in some way involved in creative work and the web really don’t understand the propriety issue at hand. My #1 complaint right now is that people are leaving VERY long instructions in the comment field which tells the people what to do, how to cook it, whatever, so that they don’t have to leave pinterest and seek the original site which was NOT the goal of pinterest at all. I’ve seen people attempt to address this on pinterest, but until they figure out what to do it’s not going to change. Thanks for this post as you’ve inspired me to think more seriously about this topic and address my readers when I come to a decision. I’m an avid pinner as well. It’s not going to be easy to decide what to do.

    1. I have been seeing that and it makes me mad. I think they end up copying and pasting. As someone who tries to bring in a good amount of original content I know I would not want people doing this to me if I posted recipes or DIY’s. I honestly don’t feel comments are necessary really. I could be wrong though.

  4. Thank you for this post; sorry I’m a little late to the conversation.

    I too have felt a little funny about Pinterest for a while. But mostly because I DO remember reading something about “don’t use it to promote yourself” (or something like that). Yet I saw (and continue to see) so many bloggers (whom I like) basically turn their blog posts into pins. That feels a little strange to me. But I must admit that I did try it with a few of my own posts/images and it did drive traffic to my blog. But I’ve had to really evaluate if blog traffic is even my goal. And I’ve realized that it is not. (However, it must be said, that Pinterest is how I found your lovely blog!)

    I’m torn too because like so many others I love the idea of a visual “inspiration board” or just a collection of lovely images I find. And I really like the layout of Pinterest that I can see so many other people’s boards at the same time. But it doesn’t keep me from feeling a bit funny and with all this other mess being brought to light about who owns what, etc. it gives me pause.

    All that to say, my husband and I have begun using Dropmark. We tried out the beta version and really liked it. (They rolled out the final version this week.) Basically it’s a way for us to collect images, links, videos (& documents) all the while sharing only with one another (or whomever you choose), thus no copyright issue. And since I don’t see Pinterest as a “social media” site, I may move to Dropmark permanently….

    …the jury’s still out though.

    1. Yes I have always used Delicious and probably will continue to just because it only grabs a bookmark and has no images. I think it is fair. Still using svpply and don’t feel concerned about that.

      Just ready to see where all of it goes! Glad I am not alone in all these thoughts!

  5. For a while now I’ve been considering the effects of Pinterest on artist’s creativity. Yes, Pinterest can spark ideas, but when we’re just sharing other people’s content (no matter how amazing it is), I think it slowly chips away at our ability to breathe life into original pieces. Quite excited to see the fresh content you’ll be sharing – you have an incredible amount of talent!

  6. Hey you! Aah, the Pinterest thing, it’s the glittery pink elephant in the room. I think like you said things should get better and Pinterest will make changes. In my case, I am also thinking about it 🙁 sigh..such an addiction! Good post miss.

  7. What a well thought out and written post – am sure that your creativity will flourish either with our without Pinterest but sometimes, the nudge to got without the security blanket of something that is working very comfortably can be the very thing that leads to real brilliance – look forward to seeing more of your work!!

  8. I’ve had such a hard time trying to decide what to do about pinterest. For me, it drives a rather large amount of traffic to my site but at the same time, I don’t agree with some of the practices. Thank you for sharing this as I’ve been on the fence for a bit…

    1. Good to know I am not the only one! I hope everything works out but i know there is potential it won’t but your words make me feel good to know I am not alone!!

  9. The last few weeks have brought SO many weird issues to light that I’m leaning this way too… but even deleting my boards! Since I use them as personal inspiration I might simply save them to my computer like the pre-pinterest days, but not for blogging purposes, just for the pretty ideas. What makes me MOST nervous is that pinners don’t have any legal protection against copyright complaints but Pinterest itself has it’s butt covered up and down and sideways. At least that’s what I can gather from their confusing terms of service. I still think it’s good source of inspiration but not worth a potential legal hassle if someone decides my pin is a copyright violation! It’s frustrating.

    1. You are awesome Maggie! Thank you!!! It is true and scary and I don’t like it at all but I heard Facebook has some similar rights in their contract. You heard that?! Katie was telling me that last night…

  10. Kudos! A tough decision indeed, but I do understand. I read the post on A Love Life too and was so surprised to see some of the terms of agreement (which I admit I barely read) called out–supporting your decision totally. I’m sure Pin Love’s replacement will be better than ever.

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