This Weekend – Go Snowshoeing

snowshoe adventure  |  The Fresh Exchange

Winter is slowly reaching its peak here. It is thick like the blanket of snow that covers the ground in every direction. Most years this would have me frustrated. I get through the holidays and I think goodness I am tired of being cold, I am tired of my snow boots, and I really want to wear cute shirts without having to layer on a sweater and a coat on top of it (you know the silly first world problem things).

This year I have vowed to feel differently to see it with a new eye. I told myself I needed to go snowshoeing more than I did last year and I need to enjoy the silence that Winter brings.

snowshoe adventure  |  The Fresh Exchange

With Summer comes much activity and no down time, because let’s be honest who wants to sit inside when you have 70-80 degree weather and crystal clear water calling your name…not me. But in the Winter there is a stillness that takes over the world around us and hibernation naturally happens. This is when we dig in our heels and haul through work.

snowshoe adventure  |  The Fresh Exchange

This year though I have found a new take on the beauty that is outside. The snow covered trees, the clean white look of the outdoors, the soft flaky snow falling every morning, and the colors that surface with the change of season. It has been very inspiring being back home and I have felt as if I have rediscovered the world around me.

snowshoe adventure  |  The Fresh Exchange

So this weekend I plan to take time to be outside more wandering through the woods, exploring places we normally do in the Summer because they most likely are just as beautiful in a whole new way in Winter, and to embrace the windy chill because it will make the warm days feel sweeter than ever.

snowshoe adventure  |  The Fresh Exchange

What are your weekend plans? Is it Winter white where you are? What is your favorite part of Winter?

Happy Weekend my friends I hope you find your time off relaxing and inspiring in new ways.


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15 Responses

  1. Beautiful post, so lovely how you put all the images together. I love snow shoeing, but since having kids, it’s hard to get out there are do it. I’ll just have to enjoy it through your thoughtful images and words.

  2. Oh your handwriting is always so so pretty! Love these images! I didn’t know that you can create font files in illustrator! I must learn how to do this.

  3. I wish I had that attitude! Every year I tell myself that I’m going to better prepare myself for the cold and enjoy it. Nope. Over it. But I really like the quote about winter making summer all the sweeter, that’s so true.

  4. Wintere here too, in Ontario. Likely very similar weather to what you’re experiencing. Though it does terrible things to my complexion, I too am living up to a vow of getting outside more this winter- mostly hikes so far, but your pretty snowshoeing photos have inspired me! This weekend we’ll be in Toronto, but perhaps the next? Great post, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Happy weekend! My favorite part of winter is evening walks when it’s lightly snowing with my man & dog. We can just talk and breathe the cool air. It’s so relaxing…

  6. I love the winter. It’s our favorite season for hiking! The trails are more open and clear, no bugs/ticks, and we’re not pouring in sweat. Plus, fewer people. Not to mention fresh, crisp air.

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