Beer Traps for Slug Prevention in Strawberries

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Keeping strawberry slug control at the top of mind is key in succeeding at your strawberries not getting eaten. Remember how I talked about my strawberries and basil being eaten last week? Well guess what? It has gotten worse since then. So I decided to share how I am trapping slugs to keep them out off of my strawberries with a beer trap. We have been getting so much rain, which is great for growing big berries, pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers but it also makes for great activity for a little pest called the slug. 
I did a lot of research, inspected my plants, watched the changes, and accused many but finally after finding a large amount of sluggish slime I felt the evidence lead to one guilty specimen. Thankfully the amazing Maggie commented on last weeks post and gave a suggestion for how she would get rid of them, beer placed by the plant. Now I was honestly a little skeptical that any thing could be simple so I did research, and sure enough everyone commented on beer being a great problem solver with slugs. I also read some horrid stories about people acting like murders going out with knives in the middle of the night to kill the guys first hand…not my thing to be honest. The only thing I ever kill is spiders and mostly because I hate getting bit and it happens to me more often than not ugh. 
So I made the little concoction (aka I poured beer into containers) and then dug a little hole next to the most affected plants and let them be. Nothing fancy but I also read that you can spray the beer on the plants as well, so I plan to do that this evening after I water the garden. Because I have a few plants in the garden that are also seeing damage. If you’re facing a pest problem like mine and need effective solutions.
Beer traps are an effective 


My basil is doing 100 times better and is getting much larger. From my reading, I have seen that june bugs love basil and since June is ending this week I don’t think they have been around nearly as much. So I believe the Basil may do just fine now. 
Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that the strawberry plants can finally produce some great berries for some yummy desserts like strawberry rhubarb crisp.Side note,  right behind the strawberries is possibly the largest rhubarb plant I have ever seen, so our strawberries better get big enough to keep up. 
Till then I am going to find what is causing this to happen to my broccoli. I only have two plants that have this problem the others look pristine so I am not sure but I am bound to find out. I hope you all love watching me figure all this out because I find it quiet amusing to see me guess my way through all this at times. 
Finally, we have some Cucumbers! You know what this means? Yeah that’s right a cucumber feature and when I harvest I plan to pickle so stay tune!

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