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Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

When it gets warmer I really love placing the winter and cool weather clothes on the top shelf of my closet where they cannot remind me of the awful chill of a harsh winter. Unfortunately the onset of spring doesn’t always mean warm or dry weather.  Raleigh’s spring has basically felt like summer, but we have been traveling a lot and we will be back in Michigan for the summer months; therefore, having the right jacket is key. I personally have always been a trench girl when it comes to a spring jacket. I love it because it is classic, clean, simple, and cool.  Let’s be honest.  A classic trench will always be on the cool list.

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

As a girl with a long torso and shorter legs, I struggle with finding a trench that hits my waist and shape at the right places. So, when Everlane announced their Swing Trench I was instantly intrigued.

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

When they sent along the trench for me to take on our recent trip, I knew I needed to share my new found obsession with you. The jacket’s fabric is so awesome and the double breasted design keeps out the spring chill on rainy days. It was the perfect companion on our New York and Detroit trips this last month. It fit perfectly inside my tote when we had all-day meetings, and it kept me warm during outdoor patio cocktails with friends and clients.

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

Not only that, I have very olive skin, so I am always fighting with the color of khaki. Because this trench has a green tone, it works great with my everyday wardrobe and compliments my skin and hair.

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

As someone who travels a lot, choosing pieces that hold up, wear well, don’t break the bank (in case they get left on a plane or lost), and are easy to wear with everything is crucial. In order to keep things simple and easy, you have to keep practicality in mind when choosing pieces for your travel wardrobe. When traveling during transitional seasons, having a great, super lightweight jacket that still repells possible weather is really important.

Trench Season with Everlane  |  The Fresh Exchange

Is there a jacket you love for Spring? What are you looking for when picking up a new jacket for different seasons? I am always curious the jackets that others choose for each season. I always want to be trendy, but I end up always going for the classic cuts, colors, and styles. I pair the classics with my other favorite pieces and throw in one on-trend piece for the season. I just love the basics, what can I say?

To get on the wait list for the Swing Trench head on over to Everlane and they will make sure you are on the list! 

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Megan, I’m a new reader having just discovered your lovely blog whilst trying to find some reviews on the Everlane trench. I was just wondering if you could tell me a little more about the trench in terms of fit. Could you tell me what size you are wearing and whether it is true to size? I’m normally a UK 10 which equates with a US6 and I would normally go for a small but it mentions on the website to go for a size smaller for a neater fit. I have a friend based in the US who is willing to help me order a jacket as there is no shipping to the UK and I really would like to get the sizing correct. Thank you.

    Love the pics which show off the trench beautifully.

    1. Hey Sue!

      I am wearing a size small and am a US 4 in tops. I have a pretty wide frame for small wearing and it felts really well. It is a swing coat so it is not tailored to your shape but it kind of widens as it goes down slightly. The fabric is sturdy and holds it’s shape really well. I think the swing shape is really flattering as long as it will fit you in the shoulders properly. I think a small would be good for you 🙂

  2. Haha… yeh things can get pretty rough down there but you wouldn’t have died.:) It really is a beautiful place with lots of hidden treasures. I really hope to discover a lot of them one day.

  3. I love trench season!

    Speaking of Everlane, I just applied for a graphic design job with them the other day!

    I enjoy reading your blog posts! They’re so classy, simplistic, and interesting!

  4. Hi Megan! Awesome post! I’m loving the cut and colour of that trench.:) It really suits you. For spring, I’m all about the classics. I’ve got a couple of trench coats in black and my trusty black leather jacket (I’ve had it for about 8 years). I’m on the lookout for a utility jacket in khaki or army green (preferably with a hood) as it’s been pretty rainy here in Toronto the past few weeks. I figure a utility jacket would be perfect for both Spring and Fall.:)

    P.S. I’m enjoying all your travel posts. Keep ’em coming! Have you ever been to Jamaica? That’s where I’m from. My family lives there so I visit at least once a year.


    1. Yes! Been to Jamaica twice. One time in college on a trip that I was told later I should never take again bc I was lucky enough to not have died…ha. I used to be a lot more adventurous when I was younger…as in buy last minute tickets out of the country without telling anyone. Bad idea as a young single girl. We then went back to Jamaica for our honeymoon, but I love the caribbean and currently am eyeing making the trip to Puerto Rico and maybe even Cuba. I have always dreamed of going both to those. All the islands down there hold such unique treasures.

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