His and Her’s Summer Reading List with Audible

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His and Her's Summer Reading List | The Fresh Exchange

Summer is hands down our favorite time to catch up on our reading list. Typically (aka before having a baby) we would spend hours on car rides listening to business books, travel stories, self-help books, and more as we drove around northern Michigan during the summer months. This year it looks a little different. Our quite time is few and far between and mostly filled with crunching in work and not much free time together to listen to books, so more than ever using audiobooks has been really important to keeping us learning and discovering new things on our reading lists. Thus, why this year we invested in Audible accounts. We wanted to be able to still fit in the books we had on our lists this summer while also getting in work and time with Hayes. This way we can fit our reading list in during other activities we have going on throughout our days. It is really the perfect way as a busy parent and business owners we can make sure we are still “reading” all we want to. Because of this, we partnered this month with Audible to share each of top 5 books on our summer reading list.

If you aren’t familiar with Audible you can listen to thousands of titles. As an Amazon company, it means you have access to brand new titles and you can listen to them anywhere. The best part is you can give it a 30-day free trial, which we did a few months back before we made the decision to commit to a membership. We always love giving something a try before we commit to it, but signing up for a full membership with Audible already has been a huge positive for us as business owners.

So without further-a-do here are our lists for the summer:

Mike’s Current Reading List:

  1. Grit by Angela Duckworth:
    Grit is such a huge part of success and we love reading about how to have more of it. Thus, this book has been one on my list for a while.

  2. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani:
    Always love learning about new ways to see life and the world. I am a classic achiever personality so books like this speak my language.

  3. Vagabonding – by Rolf Potts:
    Love the idea that we all can be in control of our own destiny and what we want to accomplish. This book proves just that. Rolf shares all about how to live out of your backpack and see the world no matter who you are.

  4. Get Some Headspace – Andy Puddicombe:
    Megan and I both are avid believers in meditation and how it can help you be calmer and more present. Andy’s app Headspace was our introduction into meditation and since then I have been interested in reading his book. This summer will be when it happens.

  5. The Inevitable – Kevin Kelly:
    Interested to read about how some of the inevitable technological trends will be affecting our lives in the next 30 years. Always interesting to stay up on these trends and to think how we can adapt as a business and as humans to what is ahead of us.

His and Her's Summer Reading List | The Fresh Exchange

Megan’s Summer Reading List:

  1. Rising Strong by Brene Brown:
    I love Brene and this one has been on my list for a while. As someone who places a portion of their life on the internet and so much of my faces outward into the world, it may seem silly to say I struggle with being vulnerable, but, in all honesty, I do. My hope to read this book and find more confidence and ownership over our story.
  2. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg:
    My greatest weakness if routine. I have a hard time keeping to a routine, though I need it in order to create great work. Now with a little one who we balance between ourselves not only is routine more important, but it is also is much harder to achieve. Thus, I am interested in giving this a listen.
  3. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott:
    I have been told by so many friends I need to dig into some Anne Lamott so this summer I would love to start with her book about writing and life. It sounds pretty relevant to being a blogger…huh?
  4. Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal:
    Not everything I read is about bettering myself as a human and business owner. From time to time, a fiction book grabs my eye. Though I don’t typically get too into fiction this one caught my eye as a parent.
  5. Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness by Edward M. Hallowell, MD:
    You know I probably was going to add one parenting book in here. I am so fascinated by parenting and how to help Hayes find happiness as he gets older. We have read the Danish Way of Parenting, but this one is next on my list.

So tell us what is on your reading list this summer?! Have you given Audible a try before? If not seriously take the free 30-day trial especially if you have a vacation approaching and want some books to listen to on the beach.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.

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