Summer’s End: A Bucket List

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An End of Summer Bucket List | The Fresh Exchange

Oh, I hate writing those words. I hate it so much, but alas here are facing the fact that sometime in the near future we will wake up and notice the leaves changing color, the days becoming cooler, we are reaching for sweaters, and the days get a little rainier. It is inevitable no matter the amount of avoiding we do. Summer is truly ending quicker than we care to recognize, but BUT I got an idea of how we can make sure we FULLY enjoyed this season: A Bucket List.

I am a big believer in find ways to fully enjoy moments. I remember having the most depressing thought one time driving along the M-22 on the coast of the lake. I was so enamored with the color of the water and the sun perfectly hitting it so you could see the sand bars in their perfect turquoise color. I realized how fleeting that moment was and then had major scaries when I realized that we are only given so many summers. Maybe we will have 80-90 of them in our life. Some will have more and some will have less. It is a sad reality, but all the more reason to recognize the importance of enjoying the life we are given as fully as we can.

Just in case you had a wild summer and you feel like it completely slipped through your hands you feel like there is no way you will have actually enjoyed this season, guess what?! Take this list with you for the next few weeks and cross these things off and I promise you won’t feel too much like summer just visited without you noticing. Some of these are big and some are small. Go at it as you, please.

  • Eat a s’more
  • Grill out with friends
  • Jump into a pool/lake/ocean. Full immersion is key
  • Spend an evening under some bistro lights and candles on a table on the back porch
  • Go to the beach
  • Drive with the windows down, hair whipping everywhere, and snap a photo of the wildness
  • Spend the day in your bathing suit
  • Enjoy an ice cold *cheap* beer after a hot day
  • Get a suntan
  • Finish your summer reading list
  • Take a walk on the beach
  • Watch the sunset
  • Go to a Drive-in Movie
  • Camp with friends
  • Enjoy a bonfire

What are some things still on your bucket list to make you feel like summer really was enjoyed this year?

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