Summer’s Fading Light

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Summer's fading light. Thought to end the summer with on The Fresh Exchange.

The light is shifting. The days are already showing their age and the summer sun is turning golden in these late August days. Somehow summer has a way of coming in before we feel ready for it and slipping through our fingers before we feel we have fully grasped her. Once again summer is fading out just like these precious sunsets we try to soak up everyday. Summer days are cooling off and though we won’t lose the heat just yet, there is no doubt that fall is beginning to creep in.

Yesterday evening, I rode down to the lake. The day before felt like fall and was the reminder that these summer days are truly numbered for the year. The days of jumping in the lake head first in full anticipation of that rush of cool water surrounding our whole body feel fewer and fewer with each passing day.

Arriving at the lake, I jumped in as quickly as I could. I didn’t want to second-guess my decision. The feeling is far too satisfying no matter how chilly. I knew come January I would be vicariously living through these days spent in the water. How quickly they have come and gone and how busy we have found ourselves.

Summer's fading light. Thought to end the summer with on The Fresh Exchange.

The rush of the cool water surrounding me felt blissful and pure. Swimming just below the surface the cool water covers every inch of me washing away the heat and stress of the day. This feeling has become the pause in my day I cannot live without lately. Feeling weightless, suspended, and free, flowing through the water that only begs me to be present has been the greatest gift this summer.

As I came up from under the water, I looked out at the bay. The turquoise blue water showing off in the late glimmer of the setting sun. I felt the goosebumps on my skin rise up that were a welcomed contrast from the sweat of the day. The sun beat into the water revealing a nearly crystal-clear view of my feet touching the sandy bottom of the lake. I ran my hand through the water just to feel it move across my skin. A feeling that is both refreshing and a luxury afforded by a warm summer. How grateful I am for these days. How grateful I am for moments like these.

Summer's fading light. Thought to end the summer with on The Fresh Exchange.

Making my way back to shore, I let my hands glide through the crisp water. Through the waves and laughter on the beach, I could feel summer repeating I will be gone soon. On the surface, we may never feel summer’s end is coming, but here we sit watching her slip away little by little. Leaving us with the only task of giving her the graceful and beautiful farewell she deserves.

May we take time to let her fade away while we fill these final days with all that makes these days so special.

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