In The Sun

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In The Sun   |  The Fresh Exchange

I am writing this post hoping that it will send everyone of my northern friends a little sun. We have been enjoying the warmth of the spring sun for the past week. It even got so warm that I wore a tank top and no shoes a few days. It basically was like summer to this northern girl.

In The Sun   |  The Fresh Exchange

More than anything, I think this weather has made me grateful for sunlight. The feeling of waking up with the window open, birds chirping, the motion of the day outside, and the sun streaming in over the white bedding is the most natural joy I can imagine. Everything is just better in the sun, isn’t it? Even a simple lunch downtown turns into some sort of mini vacation for just that moment or even getting the chance to enjoy the day working on the porch.

In The Sun   |  The Fresh Exchange

I finally got to break out some of my new favorite pieces i never imagine would leave my closet this early in the year. I actually had got this jumper for another trip, and it will totally be coming with me on the plane to Spain this month. This is my second jumpsuit I have and every time I wear it, I’m probably not alone in this, I always find it hilarious that you basically have to get completely undressed to go to the bathroom. Ha. However, it did feel good to test out a few pieces I have held in the closet specifically to take with us to Spain and Portugal.

In The Sun   |  The Fresh Exchange

The sun has, in short been life giving the last few days. The longer days have left me more inspired and have pushed us to take a lot of lingering things off the to-do list. I always forget how important those wonderful rays can feel after so many cloudy and cold days. Oh seasons, you are quite a wonderful thing.

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you either have had a chance to enjoy the sun or this sun lands on your shoulders very soon.

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