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Can you believe it is Friday? Yeah me neither. This week has flown by and being that it was also my birthday I feel it went even faster than I would have ever expected. Though it was a quick one it was a good one. I felt so loved and taken care of by my sweet friends and husband last night. They cooked a dinner, decorated our home, and we all spent the evening giggling about life. It was perfect, relaxing and oh so good.

Before going to bed last night I thought about being 26 and what this year really holds. It felt like 25 I did it all. I took whatever I could. I worked VERY VERY hard…I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it, but I figured it out. I found what I was looking for: direction. As this new year begins I feel it is about balance, being my best, refining, and finally make the small adjustments to getting things exactly where they need to be to prep for what may be coming up in the future. I always told myself I would have kids by 27 and now it seems so close and almost too real, but I have begun to feel an emotional shift of wanting to be a mom. I never expected this feeling. I don’t know how to balance it all yet but I want 26 to be where I learn to prepare for that shift in life. This means cutting out those things that are not a priority and adding in more self-care. It excites me to be honest. For too long I have had too many directions and I finally feel prepared to make decisions to leave behind the things that no longer are the right direction for me. In the past I have had a hard time making decisions that affect what I do, but now I know what I want and it makes these decision simpler. I also know by doing more of what I love it will allow life to feel more doable if our family increases by one or two in the future.

All that to say 26 sounds like a good year because I may finally learn how to come up for air  and relax better and take control of my day -to-day. I may learn that I can sleep easier, produce less and produce better, and enjoy life more.

As I say that I will also share that this weekend Mike and I have committed to going out tonight on a date to celebrate on our own, but than we are holing up in our office for a long weekend of work. Ha…not starting off this whole balance thing well huh? We are leaving for Salt Lake City on Tuesday for Alt Summit. Mike will be snowboarding away the week while I am hanging with many of you and being inspired. I am so looking forward to this coming week. Though it will be busy and I am honestly so intimidated about speaking, eek! No matter what though it will still be amazing and the energizer I need right now to get prepped for this next year of blogging and work. I cannot wait to share more and to prep posts about my panel so you all can get some tips and tricks who are not able to go. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend! I hope you stay warm and cozy.

Cheers my friends! Let’s enjoy these days the best we can.


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